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  1. would there be other s&m this yr or would I have to wait till next yr?
  2. What do we all look like (Pics) post em!!

    you can check out my pics @ http://www.myspace.com/gisselleg
  3. The last time I went I had so much fun hopefully it would to be the same or even better
  4. What's Up NJ I live in nyc and I used to work for a night club for about three yrs I just quit and the only fun that I had was after work. Crobar was the only place still open that had the type of music that I like. But now that I can enjoy other clubs and don't have to wait till after hrs I would like to know what's good in nj what type of clubs are there that would have such a great vibe as well as great music. To give you an idea of what type of music I like check out this site: http://www.myspace.com/gisselleg Thanks
  5. Here are some pics from my show "enjoy"

    hey hun what up I thought u give up on CP anyway are u going to go on any of the following days give me a call later and let me know.
  6. Here are some pics from my show "enjoy"

    Am not a tranny lmao. My B-day is coming up therefore since November 1983 I always been a girl. The host of the Show is a s/he but he is really cool. for more info you can view and check for your self http://www.myspace.com/gisselleg
  7. Happy Birthday to all Scorpions

    Happy Birthday to all you guys glowball so far this is what going down
  8. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PARTY? I hope everyone has fun this yr am not going to go all out I just hope is better then last yr. If any of you guys had horrible b-days or awesome ones let me know if you want to only if not what day is your b-day am Nov 14.
  9. Boris or DT

  10. I can't wait for this I haven't gone out in a while:spin2:
  11. Hey let's meet up 4 Ultra @ Central Park

    4:30 - 10:00pm Central Park & then after hrs @ crobar