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  1. Planning a trip to Ibiza, need HELP!!!

    Going to Ibiza is going to change your whole out look on life! It is the best place ever. Don´t worry about how long your gonna be staying cause you are not going to want to come back...and there are so many endless possibilities there that you probably won´t have to. On where you want to stay...how close to the action do you want to be? The big parties are in Eivissa city. They are pre-game parties hosted by the individual clubs and the whole town floods with people that you can barely walk. The dancers, promoters, etc. dress in drag, theme and walk on stilts. That party goes on til about 2am then you clubbing til 8am then is after hours at space from 8am til 8pm. The clubs are sprawled through out, there isn´t a strip like in most other party towns (the clubs are huge and some need acres of land) so don´t worry about being close to any club. All the hotels and the city itself have buses that are free and go from club to club. Trust me you´ll need it. I rented a car and almost got nailed for a DUI. Luckily I speak spanish. You want to go end of July-til end of august. I´ll be there in May gotta getta a job. I need to be there all summer, 2 weeks is not enough at all. Contact me I´ll give you all the info you´ll need, comps and hook-ups:)