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  1. Yeah, I'm probably going to hit up spirit, but the only reason I might not is one of the girls doesn't like techno which probably means she doesn't like house. I'll have to find out later.
  2. This friday my friends sister and friend are coming home from college and they still aren't 21 yet. Aside from Avalon which left a bad taste in my mouth the last few times I went with huge crowds I haven't been to an 18+ club in a while. What places do you guys recommend? I'm thinking about trying Ikon, or maybe spirit (this friday they are doing an 18+). Any other ideas or suggestions?
  3. Jp Or Carl Cox ?????

    Yeah the hip-hop room and the lounge room I'm almost postive were closed. I asked the security about it and they said it was a private party. :-(
  4. Jp Or Carl Cox ?????

    I was at avalon, but it was way to packed last night. The problem was most of the other rooms were closed because of private parties so only the main floor was open. It was hard as hell getting anywhere on the dance floor. We broke out kinda early because we just couldnt have fun in that kinda atmosphere. Carl was the man, but it doesn't help when there isn't space to move.
  5. Omg Black Was Just Sooo Sick

    I got there, with my crew, found out it was 50 bux with no card, and broke out. All the price info online was wrong. It was 40 on the guest list and 50 if you weren't and that was at midnight. I went to avalon instead.