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  1. Le Havre & Caen France

    see my answer to the one who is going to the french riviera, and do the same. But i am afraid in rouen and le havre you will not club a lot. Well these are not best places to club..
  2. What the fock is wrong with this site???

    you can come and register on www.parisbouge.com, it is a clubbing site for paris mais lots of people living in paris are coming from south or they know it well, then aks your question in section "divers" or "soirées" in the forum.
  3. Sound factory still closed?

    Not to see him... to get him out and reopen the sound factory =). Muzikchick, i think there is the deposition in a past topic, you'll find it easily, the title was about the closing of sound factory and JP, it is a topic with maybe 6 pages.
  4. are there any clubs in brooklyn?

    I think on jay street in brooklyn heights there may be a club i was told, but i did not have the time to test it, nor to see it, then i can not certify the info.
  5. Where to go from march 18 to 28?

    sorry it seems it has bugged and i can't delete the second topic ("awaiting authorization"..). if a moderator can do so, thx.
  6. thanks for answers i don't know NYC yet but i am coming to resolve it. edit : i mean, i would like to know the best night clubs and parties to go, and if prices are paid on door or if i have to get to a guest list or something.