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  1. Now there is somehthing to be proud of u Fin crackhead
  2. Do not do that again!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sound Factory Website

    OH you mean the clip from SF were people were dancing. Was it the clip were there werer hot girls and guys running around with their shirts off. LMAO Just bustin balls!
  4. remember the tunnel

    WOW Eddie Baez on Fri was home for me and my friends for a long time. Eddie fuckin rocked that place every friday night. My cousin used to run his booth and boy the goings on in there (memories). good fuckin times!!!!
  5. The Hell With Xs In Seaside!!

    You know whats funny i bet if you did not have the hat on Vic would have let you in. The hat prob gave off that whole hip hop vip and thats not what they are looking for there. Lets face it if they start letting hip hoppers(for lack off better wording) next thing ya know you have people misbehaving and all kinds of stupid shit going on. Not saying you would be but its the hard truth that crowd does not know how to behave. They got a nice party going over there im sure they would like to keep it that way. Dont take shit so personally.
  6. JP at Surf Club in Early June 2005

    You should throw this post on his web site better chance finding out there.
  7. surfclub/tempts review

    temps was a good time saw a lot of people and old friends good times!! Music was ok droped some killer tracks but on the whole music was ok nothing spectacular
  8. JP at Surf again doing Classics????????

    I know a few people who work there and i asked the same ? and they all said prop not. But then again one never knows. Must admit would be good time.
  9. JP at Surf Reviews?

    cant believe myself missing this party sucks. Boris should be a good time though in 2 weeks
  10. XS & TEMPTS what is up?

    All of you who are complaining give me a [email protected]#$ing break. What did you just start going to clubs or something. As if paying a bouncer just started, this has been going on forever boys and girls. And to tell u the truth im glad it does happen b/c if i ever go out somewhere new where i don't know anybody and there is a big line you better believe im trowing the bouncer 20-30 bucks to get in(fuck waiting on a line if you dont have to). All of you that are pissed about being online and it not moving or whatever everyone in your party should have chiped in 10 bucks gave it to the bouncer and enjoyed yourselfs inside instead of complaining outside. Kettle and 7up $6.00 Entrance for a club $15-$25 Listening to Eric Morillo @ XS while the line is down the block around the corner PRICELESS iF YOU DONT KNOW ANYBODY @THE DOOR AND YOUR SICK OF WAITING STOP YOUR BITCHIN AND GREASE THE BOUNCER AND GO HAVE A GOOD TIME!
  11. XS & TEMPTS what is up?

    Nicely said Vic, you and Jerry do a great job down there keep it up c u on the weekend. Johnny v
  12. Surf Club Black Card!!!!!

    anyone who pays 500 for VIP card should really get there head checked. First of all its not like there are lines every week. Iv been going to surf for well over 6 years now and i have never waited longer than a few min on line (when i had to wait). And as far as drinks go it not like you get a table there and your ordering bottles comon lets be real its coronas all day long how expensive can it get $150-$200 and thats being generous. Hey this is just my opinion but get yourself a reg card and be done with it. $500 for a VIP you must be kidding me!
  13. who's dj at temps

    i believe its Santana with a couple of guess spots here and there on Sat. And of course the one and only Denny on Sundays.
  14. Kosta

    Was talking about studio 9 dont get it the wronge way i also heard some good things also. As far as studio 4 heard all good things Music, crowd, evrything. God i have to take off a Sat real soon.