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  1. What it means to be Silverbull

    Man, i pass by this crazy a33 board too see whats up and all you hear is people talkin crap and acting like they know it all. This is why I dont even bother with BOARDS. But for MOJOMAMA who made this post in the beginning, seems like you got some major HATE and JEALOUSY in you. Why dont you go out and meet people before judging on them and making remarks on them? I know for a fact Silverbull is the nicest person in the world you can meet and very cool, He is my CUZZZ ) so who ever hates, GO FKKK YOURSELVES! Keep Doing thing your thing Silverbull and Keep throwing those SICK A%% Parties! And for everyone else who talks sh*t about others, Stop the Jealousy and go find somewhere else to go, plain and simple. Support the Musik Instead of Hating on People who try to keep it alive... MOJOMAMA GO FKK URSELF
  2. I know who leaked DIBIZA........

    haha silverbull, dont even bother lol, your not gonna get anywhere lol...hope all is well my friend! ))
  3. I know who leaked DIBIZA........

    montbh, how old are you? I respect that you love House MusiK and all, but you have to understand making music is not an easy thing, once you start producing then honestly I can say you can come and talk and give your personal opinions, its not an easy thing to do when you are busy and etc. You also have other jobs as well besides producing... Start Producing and you will find out for yourself ) Its a very hard thing to do It's not easy.... you know I really dont communicate with this board to much because there is just too many different categories of music, which I dont like I am not into Trance Just House
  4. I know who leaked DIBIZA........

    no offense to anyone, but the people that are complaining about why taking so long to complete a track?? well why dont you try to make a song and see how time consuming it is, when you travel the world and have so many things to do to prepare for the party, then you will know why it takes a very long time to complete a track...the true people that understand on production know what im talking about....i would like for someone to complete a song and let me know how long it took you, sometimes it cant take a day, two , three days, one month or a year it all depends on your time and moods...
  5. i barely post on this stuff, but i go once in awhile and check when im bored and have nothing to do, but whats up NEW YORKS ASS??? how about the people that wanna party til the next day??? dont they have a choice??? its like people ruling your hours....i think they should make a new law stating: When you wanna leave, leave, but its ok for the GOVT to collect taxes on your business. How are you going to pay your taxes, when they dont let you work and make money to pay taxes???? Anyway this is my last post, i hate hearing things like this.....Let the People Party, its there choice...
  6. Final Scratch Question?????

    hey feelgoodhouse, im also switching over but to Serato....its the best, you cant go wrong...its the same as playing with vinlys, they already give you two blank vinlys to scratch with....its the best technology that has already has come! ...go for it......and if you cant find the MP3, just carry a few records with u ...the most 20-30 .....and dont listen to anyone that says ITS CHEATING, because its NOT! let them dj then ... Mystery Hint: alot of record stores are playing on something
  7. going to greece need suggestion

    hey househead ....if your interested and still looking PM Me if your looking for a room in Mykonos and which dates you would like to go....i know of a good hotel which can take care of you. and the hotel is right next to Mykonos Town, its a 2minute walking distance to the center of town, and the rooms are beautiful overlooking the Sea! and yes def everyone who hasnt been there, save your money and DEFINATELY go there and the scene and people are one of a kind there! Nicest people you can ever meet! and the nightlife just rocks all nite! espically Cavo-Paradiso! Pacha & Space are there too! Victor Calderone did the closing party last summer @ Cavo! alot of TOP DJs are always there every weekend...and the beaches you can not beat...crystal waters all sand ))) and Women are just all over the place ) you wont have problems there at all lol Yia Sou Greeks! lol
  8. Sound Factory In Paper Again

  9. Sound Factory In Paper Again

    it makes me sick too see all this bullsh*t about clubs, and how bad the drug use is in the clubs...but in the meantime, all those cops, govt officers are snorting there brains out and drinking ounces of alcohol in there bodies, but its ok to come into a business and start ruining parties for people who just go out and want to have a good time and dance and listen to some music...if they wanna do drugs let them to do it, who really cares, its there choice not the gov't's......but all those prescription pills the gov't passes is ok to sell , but they dont know the side effects after years or months.....all you wanna be PRIEST COPS and DEA AGENTS, stop smuggling the drugs in the country and everything will be fine....bottom line....music is music and drugs are drugs, its all about MONEY...and to the DEA: start doing a RESEARCH on what you call those LEGAL PRESCRIPTION PILLS your doctor sells and then come after the other DRUGS you say is bad.....COCAINE was made by a scientist for people with asthma. Marijuana is a cure for everything, and MDMA is the cure for PANIC ATTACKS....they wanna do drugs, LET THEM DO IT! all you COPS n DEA AGENTS make me sick, two faced pieces of shit....
  10. Attn: Crobar

    whats up everyone, i barely post but this thread was pretty cool i think CROBAR should start doing a one-day monthly event for all upcoming artist of all kinds of music. thats my two cents....... U hear me Crobar??? bring some more fun out!
  11. Looking for Female/Male Vocals

    Hello everyone, im looking for female/male vocals to complete some tracks that i need to finish, if you are interested or know of anyone , please PM me your contact info. Thank you- I will be down in Miami in a few weeks, so if you know of anyone down there , and wouuld like to hook up for that week, let me know
  12. Hello everyone, im looking for female/male vocals to complete some tracks that i need to finish, if you are interested or know of anyone , please PM me your contact info. Thank you :-)
  13. Hello everyone, im looking for female/male vocals to complete some tracks that i need to finish, if you are interested or know of anyone , please PM me your contact info. Thank you
  14. Help with making Tracks!!

    hey braciole....try getting Reason and buy some Refills , you can make some really sick beats with it, and thats what alot of producers are using nowadays ....if you need any help, Pm Me
  15. Whats up everyone?? If anyone is interested in me sending them out a Mix Cd for the month November, please PM ME and i will send you one out. Style: Deep & Dark George Kos