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  1. To all you aspiring DJs: I know this is very last minute but I am hosting a party for an international development membership organization tomorrow evening at Cafe Savino's (One, Dupont Circle). We had originally decided to feature only the usual music that plays there which is a series of CDs of world music. It turns out that our co-host, EuroCircle is rather upset we don't have a DJ. If anyone out there is willing to play for a few hours on New Year's Eve solely for the exposure (probably from 12-3) please answer this thread so we can discuss and also make sure you have a memo I can listen to... Thanks CPDC! Catherine
  2. Let's see if anyone out there can relate to this... I'm sick and tired of reading my ex's moral high road crap about how he was wronged and how other people (a.k.a. me) are just insecure and weak. Perhaps if you stepped outside your arrogance you would see that relationships fall apart on account of two people. Maybe you're in denial...maybe you think you've been great but maybe one day in a few years when you can actually see things clearly you'll see that you're the one copping out... you're the one who's too weak to see where you went wrong as opposed to blaming everything on just one person. It's all good though because I was weak for not standing up for myself and saying what I thought while I was in the relationship. Now at least I can see things in their entirety. I can see that I messed up a bunch of times but that in the end I don't have to question my goodness as a person because I was manipulated by the most powerful force in my life: guilt. I know where I went wrong and I tried to make up for it but here's a life lesson if I ever saw one: making up for where you went wrong once someone's decided they're going to close themselves off to you is pointless. They can't accept any of the good or the making up you have to offer because they're too caught up in their pain to see anything outside themselves. I wish I'd been better at times but I don't wish I was still in a relationship where I had to beg the other person to show some emotion- where it was all about pleasing someone who had forgotten how to truly love. Love is not respect for the sake of respect. Principles are important but if you live according to them just for the sake of them they're empty promises. Same goes for saying "i love you" all the time. I am now with someone that loves me completely; I am with my best friend, the best friend who saw me go through all this crap and stood by me. I'm with someone who's earned my devotion, respect, confidence, trust and makes me smile. I don't cry myself to sleep every night. I am a stronger person and I can see all the worth and value I have to offer a relationship and life. This may sound arrogant but it's not- not when you'd gotten to the point where you questioned your worth, your goodness, your morals, your ability to love. These things should not be questioned. If you fall out of love with someone and after years of pain you walk away it's ok. It's what you have to do and it's best for you both if you stick by your decisions. This is strength and not insecurity... That's my piece and the last time I'll ever sign onto this messageboard. I'm through. I'd hung onto a memory long enough but now it's time to focus on the positive and not the past. Peace out NYC messageboard...
  3. Sander at Five, after thoughts

    Awesome night... Sander and Ali rocked the house! That track "got you" really got stuck in my head. Only regret is that I'm at work wishing I were still at Five.
  4. Bacilos @ BB Kings, Sun 11/14

    Esta no me la pierdo! Although it may not be wise to dish out the nearly $40 I really don't care b/c it's about time I got back to NYC and what better reason than my Latin roots? One quick question... I'm not familiar w/ BB Kings so should I get there early or will there be preassigned seating? It seems like all tickets are going for the same price, right?
  5. Robiatch! It was a great party and sorry I couldn't stay longer. I got a little wasted and you know how it is... Congrats though!!! I think the music was amazing and I've had other people confirm that that's not just the alcohol talking. Yo on another note, you called Saturday? I heard I missed the fun at your place. I was completely out of commission and played the usual LOSER role. One other thing- what's the deal for Sander Kleinenberg? He's confirmed for Nov. 10th, right? Do we have to get tickets in advance or what's the deal? Let me know... your favorite kitty cat
  6. Hmmm... lushpromo where are you? Are we talking road trip? Who else is coming? I wonder if this merits missing work? OBVIOUSLY.
  7. 07.02>>Buzzlife Presents: FIRECRACKER 4

    Why do I feel like all of our mature intentions will be going down the drain? And bassboy, as soon as I make bank I'll be buying all our tickets (yep that means never...lol). Jorge's definitely coming...I guess I didn't mention him because I was sticking w/ the CP screennames...oops. Don't tell him I left him out...yikes!!!
  8. 07.02>>Buzzlife Presents: FIRECRACKER 4

    are you gracing us with your presence karisma? bassboy and housebaby....PRESENT! D- tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. If you want to get them online go to: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/150038C2C803649F?brand=&artistid=923290&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60 See you there!
  9. Sasha at Crobar - Monday, June 28th, 2004

    Miami- you're in for one hell of a show. Saw Sasha on Saturday in Baltimore- he was off the hook! So was little Luke. What a hottie and great DJ. Very down to earth. Sasha's set was amazing!!! I'd see him again except my five day stay in Miami ends on Monday.
  10. GLOW Returns: August/September Lineups

    Guess you did get the e-mail... but at least Digweed is coming!
  11. Back in Miami but need help!

    Well thank you bassboy. How sweet of you to respond.
  12. Back in Miami but need help!

    CP Miami, I posted once before but wanted some expert opinions again. Rolling into town on the 23rd and was wondering if you'd heard of any good shows through the 28th? Is Space still the thing? Heard about Nerve too. Any good house DJs going to be in town? I'll be seeing Kleinenberg and Sasha this weekend so I'm thinking it'll be hard to top that. Let me know. Either way there's going to be beaches and cuban food... so deprived over here! Later guys... can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 06/18: Sander Kleinenberg and Kazell at Cübik!

    Anyone know if CP guestlist is good for a show like Kleinenberg? Supposedly it's only $10 before 1 am. Is that true? Either way... can't wait!!!
  14. Buzzlife v3.0 Up!

    Kleinenberg is coming June 18th!!!
  15. Hey Ray! Don't know if you remember me but we've met many times- at Buzz, Five and Blue Room. Excited to see you posting on CP and glad to hear you're going to be DJing. It's been a while and the last time I saw you was before you headed up to NYC in February. I'll probably be seeing you this Thursday or next (i promised to go to dragonfly this thurs.) at Blue Room but I wanted to know what time you spin so I dont' miss it... thanks! Catherine P.S. - checked out your website...very cool. I'll be signing up.