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  1. black review

    hey people let try and keep this partying going on this could be a great party every week let's not fuck it up with this drug shit
  2. black review

    yeh i saw that shit going on too but i still had a good time
  3. black review

    what a great night i had the music was good the girls was hot i hope this party will last this party can only get better in weeks to come see everybody there next week
  4. Sexy @ The Roxy??????

    What's Going On With That Party Are They Going To Do It Any More????????????????????
  5. Jp?????

    hey jp why don't you come out and saying something about what is going on and say something about everything everybody is saying let us know what the truth is because i got a email saying that you don't want people doing the drugs you should stick by your own word then
  6. JP Editorial....

    you are so right about that shit
  7. exit on fridays

    they should get vicious for friday night fuck draper
  8. Rappers Behaving Badly Article~~~>

    and p diddy thinks he is the shit he is just a nigger with money fuck him and his body guards
  9. Mirage Review

    where did you get that old school pic from i used to watch that show lololol
  10. Mirage Review

    the girls were so hot last night i love that place
  11. Black.... whos going this Saturday????

    yeh ill check it out last week was good but yoiu had a copuls of dick that fucked it up by taking to much shit
  12. black wow

    yeh i had a good time too and your right there was some jerk offs there but i still had fun and the girls was off the hook there was a girl with a pink hat she was so hot