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  1. Event's for this weekend...19-21?

    No takers, man... I'm gonna be in Vegas this weekend, too. Seems like no one's gonna be around.
  2. front of line passes

    lasvegas, What does 'CP Las Vegas Rep' mean?
  3. This is a great thread!
  4. Jeans in the club?!

    dilly... $8000 worth of clothing?!
  5. :: Review of Vegas 2006 ::

    Nice Map. Can't wait til May 19th!
  6. What happened to Bill Le?

    What, did he get kicked off here? I'm shocked, shocked, that I don't see his name on every post.
  7. Roll call, Weekend of Oct. 1

    Who's gonna be in town, and where? Post-up!
  8. Bachelorette Party Oct 1st & 2nd

    Me and 7 others guys are going to be in Vegas those same nights for a bachelor party. Let's get the 2 groups hooked up.
  9. lets get it started in here labor dayzzz

    Me and the guys are definitely going to seek Jenn out when we're there in a couple of weeks!
  10. After-hours clubs???

    I was at Drai's on a Sunday night/Monday morn back in May, so they're definitely open on a Sunday night. Got there at 330am, place didn't pick up until sometime after 5am.
  11. Drais........

    Maybe it was the night/morning I was there, but Drai's didn't seem that 'dirty' to me. It was like a regular club/lounge. I didn't see or notice any drugged-out people at all.
  12. Easiest club to hook-up

    Jenn, I hear ya, baby!
  13. Easiest club to hook-up

    Drai's I believe...Crazy Horse and Cheetah's--something's a little fishy with those answers.
  14. Easiest club to hook-up

    Hate to be juvenile, but let's be honest...we all think about it. What's the answer? From the times I've been to Vegas in the past...I'm kinda thinking "Anywhere." What do you guys think?
  15. Labor Day Weekend - Roll Call

    Damn!!! Sorry I'm going to miss out this weekend. Guess I'll just have to wait until Oct. 1.