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  1. Britney.......but I'll Do Them All!!!
  2. Sasha @ Crobar Roll Call

    Gotta Work The Next Day.......f-ck!!!!!
  3. ATTN Matt Spector . . .

    Happy B-day Stud!!!
  4. attn after hour junkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah!!! southside in da house!!!! should be a night of wicked tribal beats!!!!
  5. Fri 6/4/04 DOC MARTIN @ NERVE

    glad to see that jon c. is not opening up! 1/3 of southside (sammy o) in the house! damn, these guys are all over the place!
  6. very nice!!! i'll try to make it.
  7. Worst Club In Miami!!!

    Well, most of you know how i feel about the "little club" that's owned by "a little man" right off Collins & 23rd. NERVE = Sucks!!!
  8. oscar g @voodoo lounge

    i've head oscar g many times but he's at his best @ space! no one can touch him there! that is his house and he shows it!
  9. For the LADIES

    very nice!
  10. lust 4 house - this sat @ nerve

    I guess you didn't try hard enough
  11. Attn: nervelounge

    yeah I guess Jon paid CP to take it off.
  12. lust 4 house - this sat @ nerve

    No harm done but I see how this message board works by takeing off my posts about the true of nerve. You know I have come to realize that people who deal with this guy will see what I mean. I have already heard it from many, many DJ's and other people. So his time will come.
  13. lust 4 house - this sat @ nerve

    How do you know I have a boyfriend, you don't know me. And I'm not talking shit about your event just the club and management itself. So peace and love Vaughanz.
  14. lust 4 house - this sat @ nerve

    Yeah and promoters should take their events else where. As for suck your just jealous your not getting any.
  15. lust 4 house - this sat @ nerve

    Don't go to Nerve this place Sucks and it's managment Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!