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  1. New Years Eve Afterparty: Noel Sanger Prive Nightclub in the Planet Hollywood Resort 12/31/09 - 01/01/10 @ 3am Make your new year right and join us for the first party of the year! Don’t miss this amazing night featuring: Noel Sanger Josh Abrams THIS WILL BE THE PARTY EVERYONE WILL MEET UP AT! With all the talent in town you never know who will drop in! To fans of electronic music the world over, the name Noel Sanger is a familiar one, either through his own relentless touring (including two years as Tiesto's chosen US tour-mate), his productions and remixes which regularly grace the sets of the world's biggest DJ's, his five nationally released DJ mix CD's, or his programming and engineering work for frontline artists such as Tiesto, BT, and Markus Schulz. Now, with "Sphere Of Influence" (Moist Music 2009) his first DJ mix compilation since 2003's "Summerbreeze 2" (Nettwerk America), Noel returns to the decks for his finest work yet, blurring the lines and bending the genre's as few can. Throughout the 74 minute expedition he effortlessly blends the elements of house, trance, and techno into a cohesive and accessible dance-floor experience, his trademark melodies and emotional transitions perfectly coupled with floor-wrecking beats proven at clubs and festivals from Shanghai to Miami. It also features an exclusive and original track from Noel, called "Hemisphere", which will be released and promoted by Moist Music on an exclusive basis as the lead single from the compilation. In support of "Sphere Of Influence", Noel will be undertaking his most extensive North American tour in several years, with dates in at least 2 dozen US cities. Tour dates are now available from February 2009. Dates will be supported with posters, postcards, flyer design, and aggressive online and print marketing. Retail buy-ins and co-ops are planned at all major music chains, and in addition to the physical CD, the title will be available digitally at Itunes, Amazon, Beatport and all major digital retailers. "Since my last commercially released mix I've done dozens of tracks and remixes for some of the best dance labels in the world, and they have been played mercilessly by the world's best DJ's." says Noel. "It's amazing and I am incredibly blessed. But besides making tracks for DJ's to buy and play, right now I am super-excited to bring my sound directly to the people who make it all possible, the fans, the clubbers all over the world, in a package they can hold in their hands. I hope everyone enjoys these tunes as much as I do!" For more information visit 3amvegas.com ! Presale tickets available through wantickets and ************* http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=88341 http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=67323
  2. PVD in Vegas

    I hope his set is a bit longer than the last time he was here.
  3. Mark Farina April 24th at ICE

    The guestlists belong to Spundae and Ice. Your best bet is contacting Ice and going that route. i will be there that night also cheers!
  4. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend?!?!

    Its verys funny because us locals have a very different view of that weekend. It is truely the one weekend where most of us avoid the larger clubs for the most part. I am sure you will enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Mark Farina April 24th at ICE

    Mark Farina is perhaps one of the most solid house dj's out there. Very solid and popular in SF where he resides. Thanks for the history lesson vinyl, lol...
  6. Vegas Easter Weekend Busy or not?

    Hollywood and ROB can mix pretty good. However when they play at Rain they are just pushing hip hop and dance hits to tourists. That being said Risque at the paris is good on thursdays. Seven has become a bit ho hum I would rather end up at Drai's. I do enjoy Saturdays at Ice and they are picking up with the aid of Spundae/Godskitchen.