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  1. how was Tiesto? how was vic/ how were TMB??
  2. Junior Vasquez

    i couldnt agree with you more:))))))
  3. Junior Vasquez

    Im not a retard. jp & boris have their fans, but really, junior still lords over nyc. viors had some hot nights dating bak to crobar espec. sanchez, morales had some hot ny nights. morillo rep'ped for the nj ibiza crew. DT still holds a solid place in my heart. FUTURISM bangs !!! but junior is building it back it up & when he gets his gold medal booking , every 2 months at pacha maybe, repect is burning for jnr I DID NOT GIVE UP nor should you )))))
  4. Junior Vasquez

    juniors the king of nyc & victor is not
  5. i wish we cld have junior here every week or 2, and also morales, choo choo, bailey, sanchez, DT, victor, ..... lets bring the ny scene back to what it was in 2000- its not impossible
  6. isnt that twilo pic mike bindra? or dale ???

    you know jnr really can program better than i would say 95%+ of djs- as heard at cielo earlier this year.... and twilo certainly sticks out too
  8. Junior vasquez: Legendary

    steve has been there for decades on the nyc scene : when he says its larry and then junior, RESPECT HIM !!!
  9. DT FUTURISM already in some stores

    my amazon arrived today - i bought twO HAHA
  10. Junior Vasquez

    many thanks this is the kind of responsiveness & professionalism that nyc needs in these challenging times + it's great that jp jv & pacha can give us what we need to bring the VIBE back !
  11. it is appalling that coxy & oakey play nyc once/year now. for most of the last 100 years nyc was known as one of , if not the, nightlife capitols of the world. even 5, 10 years ago we could see david morales, steve lawler, danny howells, roger sanchez, digweed, and quite afew other top top djs on basically a monthly basis in nyc. now its once / year. ok maybe twice in certain cases. when i look back at my 1998 & 2003 club journals, the weekly offerings in nyc are sooo far inferior in 2008. its really depressing
  12. Junior Vasquez

    so JP starts at like 11 and JNR takes over like 5, 6 am? Im just guessing/wondering I am interested in how to schedule these 2 heavyweights of nyc house
  13. Gay Pride reports? Pier Dance? Junior?

    yeah what did jnr play???
  14. does MDMA mess up your back??

    creaky back sometimes after a day or 2
  15. Junior Vasquez

    do you think jnr will play like noon monday to maybe 9, 10 pm monday?