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  1. Pinga!!!

    i hate school
  2. DJ Mag turns on Tiesto

    bro those djs be playing some GAY ass house, they ain't shit
  3. 48 hrs and its ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

    oh by the way, who is number one in your mind, or who do u like better, pvd or tiesto? u know my answer.
  4. i AM THE OT GOD

    oye where do u work?
  5. Mauro Picotto and Edgar V @ Space Review....

    bro when mauro played that freestyle song which it berely sounded techno, i don't think he ripped anybody, maybe those who haven't heard his sets. hyper ion is right, mauro didn't play all hard and crazy stuff like i am used to listening in his sets. it was a little disapointing but nonetheless it was fucking awasome. and if u think i am talking shit, listen to the decible set he threw down and compare to the space set, u'll see what i am talking about. i know hyper ion knows what i am talking about.
  6. This is the motherf*cking Picotto roll call!

    que clase de culo. ño eso es una animalada. eso viola a cualquiera.
  7. This is the motherf*cking Picotto roll call!

    si cojone ur going to mauro don't worry. and jose and willy are going i just bought their tickets. de pinga preparate!!!
  8. This is the motherf*cking Picotto roll call!

    caballero mauro llego!!!! i can't fucking wait. this is for sure a spacial birthday present. a enloqueserce cojone!!!! mauro is going to tear us up!!!
  9. Whats the best set you've Ever heard?

    oh and do u know anything about mauro picotto at space oct 8
  10. Whats the best set you've Ever heard?

    give the name of dj and where or when or what cd, one per genre. The best set I've heard for Trance is : Paul van dyk @ SummerStage 2004 In central park New york.(i was there) The best for house/progressive is Sasha & John Digweed @ Delta Heavy Tour Miami 2002. (this set is fucking insane) tribal house set: Steve Lawler - Tribal House (i don't know if is a cd or live mix, i got it on the net) also oscar g one of those times he was at the all ages at space, he just fucked me up that night with that set he threw down.
  11. Los Dolphins son tremenda PINGA AQUATICA!!!

    oye carlos "contenders" ni cojone. they just lost to the Bengals, and when u loose to the Bengals you lose respect and la madre que te pario.
  12. Los Dolphins son tremenda PINGA AQUATICA!!!

    true, true, true
  13. Los Dolphins son tremenda PINGA AQUATICA!!!

    los dolphins estan de pinga, no hay quien los salven. Que se Maten o que se retiren
  14. what's so great about 93.1?

    de pinga men, la cosa esta mala, y hay que ponerse pa los ticket de mauro picotto si no te vas a quedar sin na. caballero a enloqueserse con MAURO en Space!!!
  15. OYE cojone where are the tickets for mauro Picotto in Space Oct 8

    oye u don't know where to get the tickets, dale men try to get some info on those tickets.