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  1. tonight ! @ stereo ny Dec 9th 2006

    Steve Dash hasn't been at Phazon for some time now. His new compnay is..... http://www.integralsound.net/
  2. tonight ! @ stereo ny Dec 9th 2006

    Unless that system was done by Steve Dash or Gary Stewart and not the guy that use to work for Dash ( SBS Shorty )........ I highly doubt that it is the best in the city. Think about what your saying.~
  3. Regardless of how good the sound is in Pacha. That building will never rock the same way Sound Factory made it. I can recall hearing that place from like 3 blocks away @ 7 in the morning. From what I was told Gary Stewart put so many limiters on that massive set up, that not even Jonathan peters could get that thing to play at its full capabilities. If you were to rate it from 1 to 10.....that thing was never played at more than a 7 or 8. If you think about it.... thats some scary shit!!!
  4. Who remembers SYSTEMS?

    From what I heard that place kicked ass. After it closed David Marvisi took those ground stacks and put them in EXIT. GSANY did the install in "SYSTEM", but had nothing to do with the "EXIT" set up. Maybe the reason they never got the sound right in that place. If anyone knows Marvisi, he's cheap as hell! and reuses everything he can. P.S. I got this from Gary himself..... so please no debating facts. www.GSANY.com
  5. crobar or pacha

    NYE at Crobar last year was insane!! Boris kicked ass! The Vegas show girls kicked ass! And that damn Phazon kicked my ass.... til I could barley walk out at 10 am. Felt like I was back at Twilo for NYE 2000. Still the greatest party ever thrown. Just my opinion. I vote Crobar!!
  6. It's nice to see these guys head back to the old Centro-Fly spot. Is Duvet really that great? Centro-Fly kicked ass.
  7. Silverbull is this Spirit for-sale ??????

    If spirit is for sale what is the other space? Can anyone answer the question? Im taking Spirit is the one going for 6.5
  8. Silverbull is this Spirit for-sale ??????

    Whch one is Spirit and what is the other?
  9. Looking on Alex Picken's web site i noticed that he had 2 very large Nightclubs for sale in the Chelsea area, but their is no names listed. Just a very small and detailed info like size. If the one with 30ft ceilings is Spirit? What could the other be? I know you have an answer for this. Link: Picken Real Estate - Nighclubs, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges for Sale or Lease ------------------------------------ NAME WITHHELD BY OWNER Manhattan Nightclub For Sale Chelsea, New York, NY NAME WITHHELD BY OWNER View 1 photo CONTACT : Alex 212.979.2800 X2, [email protected] SIZE : 23,000 sq. ft. multi-level, 30 ft. ceilings, one of the country's most famous nightclubs, PA- 1,425 RENT : $60,000 per month triple net ASKING PRICE : $6.5 Million 3 LIQUOR LICENSES & 3 CABARET LICENSES ---------------------------------------- NAME WITHHELD BY OWNER Manhattan Nightclub For Sale Located in Chelsea/Flatiron * Co-Exclusive with Walker Malloy & Co., Inc. * NAME WITHHELD BY OWNER View 1 photo CONTACT : Alex 212.979.2800 X2, [email protected] or Sonya 212.979.2800 X6, [email protected] SIZE : 20,000 sq. ft. total TERM : Approx. 10 years remaining on lease RENT : $43,000 per month NOTE : PA: 1,000 pp ASKING PRICE : $3.5 Million REDUCED PRICE : $2.7 Million 3 LIQUOR LICENSE & CABARET LICENSES
  10. Crobar Miami System Forsale !!!!!!!

  11. On EBAY 15 Technics 1200's & about 40 Crown & JBL amplifiers. Plus A hell of alot more. What is this stuff really worth? And how much better can the system in the new Crobar Miami really be? Sound Off
  12. MY Dream DJ Booth..

    MAC G4 Allen & Heath Xone V6 (with optional v6 crossfader & v6 Isolater module) (3) Technics 1210MKK turntables (2) Denon DN S5000 Denon DN-9000 Dual CD player Pioneer EFX 1000 dbx Driverack PA Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Control System Aphex Systems 228 8-Channel Unidirectional Level Interface Aphex Systems 204 Aural Excite and Optical Big Bottom CYCLOOPS SAMPLER. A set up like this will set you back $$$20 Grand$$$ ....and thats with-out any amps,monitors or even the booth. Yikes!!!!
  13. Where are some good spots to hear some Smooth, Sexy, Deep House? This is the way i remember House music to be. R&B tracks over that dark, Bass drivin beat. Looking for that Centro-Fly type of style. Holla-Back!!!
  14. Small clubs & loungs are where its at!!!!!

    Amen to that DKNY!!!!!!!!! The smaller parties remind me of what NYC use to be about and I love it.
  15. Fuck SF, EXIT, Black and whatever those overpumped drug parties want to call themselves. Remember why we all got into the scene and the music in the first place? Guys for the grils, Girls for the guys and whatever else. The MUSIC, the DECOR, the GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE, ect. Remember when going clubbing ment buying a new outfit, getting your hair right and having a good time with the opposite sex while dancing the night away? What happen to getting fashionably loud? After yrs of X parties and peoples sweaty bodies rubbing against mine, I think everyone should have come full circle and forget about these parties. Everybody on this board should take a break and give!!!!UPSCALE!!!!!places like--- Centro-Fly Deep Lobby Discotheque Coda Go Suede B-LO Lot 61 Viscaya Suite16 Eugene ------------ A chance. What is wrong with you people? These places are HOTT. Where did all the class and good looking people go? Small spots are where its at......... :eek: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.