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  1. *~*Insanity starts MON..5/16*~*

    Done and Done...
  2. *~*Insanity starts MON..5/16*~*

    Fabulous It's crappy over here...rainy and in the lower 50's...
  3. *~*Insanity starts MON..5/16*~*

    17 hours to go!!! wooohooo...til i depart the windy city for some good times in Miami Looking forward to checkin out ur scene
  4. What Does Your Name Mean???

    Cuz it's been used up on me!!!!!
  5. What Does Your Name Mean???

    S - You are very broad-minded. Y - You cause a lot of trouble. L - Love is something you deeply believe in. V - You have a very good physique and looks. I - You are always smiling and making others smile. A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. Damn pretty accurate...
  6. *Mini Hiatus 2 Miami..suggestions??**

    Only if i get lots of volunteers to put some on my back...he he
  7. *Mini Hiatus 2 Miami..suggestions??**

    I absolutely love house BBB is definitely one of my favs...Some stuff i like u guys prolly wont like, like old skool booty house...but anything with a good beat, so of course i can dance works for me *definitely plan on checkin out Amika then
  8. *Mini Hiatus 2 Miami..suggestions??**

    Hey Guys! My best friend and I are taking a mini hiatus from the windy city and coming down to miami May 16th-23rd..then to sarasota 23-30...Anyhow, to make it nice and quick, we love to dance alot, get our party on, and just enjoy the atmosphere of the clubs/lounges...I would really appreciate any and all suggestions for the week!! Thanks so very much...Also, if anyone has any other suggestions as far as good shopping locations/restaurants, i would be very thankful...~Sylv ~~If anyone needs suggestions or info about Chgo scene i can help with that...
  9. Types of people on clubbing message boards...

    lol...that was good and seems mostly true...hmmm wonder where i fit?
  10. Liquor of preference??

    Grey Goose & cranbery (yummmmy) Green Dolphin Red Headed Slut Apple Martini
  11. lol...yea i guess Mark isnt really someone i'd come out to see either...j/k but Crobar does offer a cool vibe to it once you get past the ridiculous line...both the regular and vip lines are quite long... a couple new lounges have opened up as well...so next time your here you should definitely consider them as well...
  12. I'm suprised b/c Soundbar is usually pretty good with lists and Vip...oh well as long as you had a great time here Have you been to Vision at all? Or Crobar out here as well?
  13. Awww sorry to hear about the door issues, definitely hit me up next time...My good friend has clout there... Never been to Detroit....When is it???
  14. Ohhhh I was born ready ;-P I'm sure we will be able 2 handle just about anything you guys can dish out... Soundbar is awesome, luv that place...Especially, when I heard BBB and Steve throw down, good times
  15. Aahhhhh...........BLONDES PT-2!!!