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  1. Jp @ Merge...

    wasn't even a bashing it was just an opinion that I was disappointed, and people shouldn't judge others because they think they are more of a "JP expert", I'm still a fan and have been for years (and have heard him more than just on CD) and still thinks he rips it sick but was just stating an opinion to add to the message board.Maybe you have been a fan longer or whatever but you dont have the right to put down one's opinion because of it...
  2. Jp @ Merge...

    Was I the only one who felt ripped off???-$40 at the door and the place was hot as hell, the bathrooms were flooded and disgusting, the bottles of water were warm and the music was only o.k.-too many vocals, not enough hard stuff and it was really inconsistant.
  3. x in your system

    read on erowid.com you'll find everything you need to know about that and any other substance...
  4. Visiting Jersey

    the closest good time to Great Adventure is getting on 195 and going to Belmar, it's about a 30 minute drive, then you can hit DJai's otherwise you can go 195 to parkway South to Seaside and hit up one of the clubs there but you'll have alot of traffic to deal with and a longer drive.
  5. never heard of these either, are they pills, snorted eaten, smoked or what?Is it similar to the effect of shrooms, E, coke or what? Any info please...
  6. the sexiest job

    I can't believe you guys left out dancer/stripper...This is def a sexy job cuz not only do you have to look good but you have to dance sexy as hell to make lots of $$
  7. Fu Friday

    The biggest FU of all goes to the government-working hours of overtime and almost half my paycheck gone to taxes!

    Carmen=goddess!!Besides have you ever seen pics of Pam without makeup-->DISGUSTING!!!
  9. Seaside Heights Hotels

    I dont know about Seaside but if there's nothing in Seaside try Toms River-they are less skanky and it's about a 10 minute drive to the beach/clubs etc...Good luck!
  10. Being Single Or Being Taken? Which Is Best?

    Taken--if it's with the right person:)
  11. attn: starburst777

    I used this stuff called Big Sexy Hair before, it came in a can and lifted the roots nicely.For that piecy look John Frieda makes a spray in a clear bottle with an aqua colored spray in it, it is called Beach something or other but I've heard that works well and both are inexpensive(under 7$$)Good luck!!
  12. What if your address on your license is the old one and you have the sticker on the back with the new one-will u still recieve the post card for Merge or do I have to go to the house I used to live at and steal their mail with my postcard in it??
  13. where is the craziest place you had sex?

    in the car while my boyfriend was driving down the parkway!!
  14. Excellent movie-I came out of the theatre sooo pissed but definitly ready to vote in November!!!
  15. Wednesday is Carmen Day

    Every day is Carmen Day!!All hail Carmen!!