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  1. wow, are you joking $24.99? I cant understand people paying that....
  2. Shiny disco balls Diss track ? id track ?

    I think the track you're referring to is "I have this feeling" by craftmix. I wasnt sure, so I listened to it and I did hear the part you were talking about. Yea, it does say take your "shiny disco balls to the radio" but I personally, never took it as a diss. I guess each opinion will differ.
  3. was the best night.... Is subliminal coming to california anytime soon?
  4. Craftmix --- so true man, a historical night I will never forget for many many reasons! my only downfall of the night was lossing my digital camera, it was a cheapy cheapy but had some good club shots on there.. That track on your site "craftmix vs danny t & peter bailey, was slammin! you got that off Craftmix.