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  1. Quality of women in the scene

    wow.. this is a bash session on men and woman.. lol.... i dont sterotype.. i just think that 90% of the population sux... men and woman..... so here is my problem.. everyone on here is saying that u cant find a boyfriend or girlfriend in the club scence and i get so frustrated w/that statement....when u are looking to start a relationship w/someone arent' u looking for someone who enjoys the same things as u.. i would rather be w/a guy who is going to come to the club w/me and get excited that dj so and so is spinning.. did u ever see someone who is not in the scene face expression when u started talking about jp.. dt.. tiesto..etc.. they look at u like ur nutz.. lol.. i dont know thats just my opinion.. so if u cant meet people in clubs then where do u meet someone interested in the same things u are?
  2. Quality of women in the scene

    r u from vinyl?
  3. Quality of women in the scene

    hey listen im not stinking up for all females.. but i will speak for myself and my best friend.. we go out for the dj's and the music.. tank tops and jeans.. we dont sit there waiting for guys to come over and buy us drinks.. but than we get looked at like stuck up because we are there to dance..
  4. does anyone know if roxy is going to stay open all nite( well actually all morning)
  5. this weekend?

    anything exciting going on this weekend?
  6. nyc's own house station..

    can anyone tell me why ny doesnt have a strictly house radio station.. u would think if anyone had one we would.. what goes on.. ?
  7. Thank you TIESTO!!

    have to agree with u about crobar.. off the hook... unfortunely i couldn't make it to tiesto..
  8. space dj later in the nite on saturday?

    lol... no.. its the next day when they dont remember
  9. space dj later in the nite on saturday?

    hey all.. just returned home from south beach.. had a great time.. sad to be home.. so does anyone know who was spinning later in the nite at space.. the music was amazing...
  10. hopefully moving to flor

    lol.. what ever.. im straight by gay people dont bother me.. i just take it as a compliment.. just as long as the line isn't crossed... stuck up people are really who bothers me.. i cant stand when someone thinks who the fuk they are...
  11. hopefully moving to flor

    lol thanx.. im supposed to be down this weekend.. staying in south beach.. playing it by day with the hurricanes and all..
  12. hopefully moving to flor

    lol... nah it wasn't that.. only one other girl with me.. shes like me.. people just get intimated when r are on the dance floor dancing instead of trying to hook up..
  13. hopefully moving to flor

    lol.. i got a lot of attitude from the girls the last time i was out there.. i thought it was just because u can tell that i was from ny so i have been told from my look and how i dance.. um.. looking in the area of fort lauderdale.. unless anyone has any suggestions..
  14. hopefully moving to flor

    hey all.. im dee. i live in ny but im hopeufully going to be a flor resident in march.. lol.. i know that flor really dont like ny people but i definitely dont fit the ny stuck up bit**h style.. well just wanted to say hi.. hope to see you soon..
  15. whats going on this weekend in miami

    hey all.. im coming to miaimi this weekend from ny.. anything good going on.. i hope everyone is ok from all these hurricanes...