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  1. This is a review that boils down to what really was that night: "Upon entry into the main room, the apocalypse had ensued as Richie Hawtin was absolutely destroying the frenzied crowd with some relentless techno. And, for the next four hours, Plastikman would do what he does best – baiting his passionate listeners into his dark, twisted world. The name of the party was “minimize to maximize,†and what Hawtin did at Privilege couldn’t have been summed up any better. The sound and energy oscillated all night; he went from manic destruction of the room to mind-twisting minimal with the greatest of ease, and the crowd was with him the whole way. After a few brain-beating tracks that had the whole room jackin’, Richie would strip the sound down layer by layer, leaving nothing but a blippy minimal loop that hypnotized the entire room; just as the crowd was thoroughly lost in it’s own mind, Hawtin would unleash a wave of unrelenting, skull-fucking techno that would catapult the whole room into simultaneous chaos. Back and forth, up and down, all night long – Hawtin owned, and the crowd was nothing but slaves in his twisted mind." Can't wait till he comes back to Privilege in a couple months... all for the Musik...