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  1. Random Sex Thoughts

    I wanna go down on my guy friend in the shower. Love the thought of the water running over our naked bodies. Just gets me all wet thinkin about it....yummmmmie. Goodness, I love given head.....lol
  2. how different do pussies taste?

    eating pineapple and or drinking the juice works also on making a girl sweeter. Eating more fruit period makes you taste sweeter. Actually unenentionaly tried that theory out. Last year when I came back from vaca to Trinidad (where I ate a ton of fruit and pineapple) I hooked up with my ex and he voiced a deffinate difference and said it was much better tasting with the sweet added...lol. Oh and I have inadvertantly tasted myself. And though it is not a bad or strong taste it's not my fave taste. But no guy has seemed to have a problem. And I have had some hurry back for more...lol. And ewwwww about finding tissue on the girls parts. If I'm gonna be gettin it on, I totally make sure I am pristine down there. Cause wow that would be embarrassing to have that happen.
  3. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    haha yeah I agree on that one.
  4. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    well I am pretty darn innocent in comparison I guess. But hey that's how I like it:D
  5. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    thank you and why would mine be a fake?
  6. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    what's a FSN??
  7. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    and it's too bad I never had it when I was in NYC back in Nov. Woulda been fun to meet up some people. and of topic, I just loved my first time in NYC:D was amazing
  8. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    edited for I fear I have pissed someone off
  9. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    sorry for you:) hug
  10. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    I've been really good, busy with school and an internship at a local magazine. How are you? Oh and still have you on my messenger and yeah missroxy I was and still am the virgin chick:D
  11. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    I'll see what I can do.
  12. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    why is it suprising that my boobs are big? Just curious:)
  13. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    haha I wouldn't know. I know many of us are very pent up sexually. And most of my friends and myself are very horny and very aggressive when the time is presented. I myself can be a bit wild.
  14. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    I was wonderin when you were gonna finally say hello to me darlin. I mean goodness....we only used to chat everyday. silly boy. yes I am mormon....but I've been in my bad girl phase this past year or so....maybe it's my glasses throwin you off. Cause I didn't have glasses when I was on here before. kisses and thank you nomembername, I do actually (in my opinion, and others) have some very fantastic boobs. I'll try and get some more shots...but I don't do nude shots...sorry darlin
  15. Post a Sexy Pic!~

    well I figured as much doll. Sorry guess I'm not so great with catching online innuendos.....lol kiss