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  1. Giants talking with Chargers to trade up

    hahahaha...Flutie - social security status... CLASSIC
  2. How bout the Heat???????????

    I think they are a good team, but most of them have never been to the playoffs before...but then again are the east, anything can happen, so nothing matters anymore!
  3. Washington Prepares Deal to Lure Expos

    where are they gonna play...RFK?
  4. NBA coach of the year.

    Oh yeah, forgot about Jerry Sloan...he should win hands down...no Stockton or Malone, and the Jazz make the playoffs for what? The 21st consecutive year now, great accomplishment...
  5. NBA coach of the year.

    Rick Carlisle - Indiana Pacers
  6. NBA coach of the year.

    Rick Carlsile - Indiana Pacers
  7. Tonight Is The Night!

    The Mets have some issues...they used to be good...maybe in a few years they'll be able to take the evil empire in a subway series rematch...but that is a few years...
  8. Giants talking with Chargers to trade up

    I was under the impression that the Giants were going to take Ben R. (can't spell it) and then let Collins play a couple more years until Ben R. is ready...Colins can still be a good QB in the NFL if he doesn't get hurt...but w/ the new coach and all, you'll never know what will happen...
  9. Girl wins slam dunk Mcdonalds AllAMericanl

    Oh, I do play basketball, but for a small park district league...I would play for the school but trying to play football, basketball, and maintain a B+ average was just to hard, so I dropped H.S. basketball and concentrated on my other stuff...I weightlift a lot more now too...
  10. MLB in Japan

    Japan is good for baseball, but I agree with whoever said it goes against tradition, becuase it does...
  11. Girl wins slam dunk Mcdonalds AllAMericanl

    cool, I'm the youngest, it's some kind of accompishment??...maybe next year for the prom though, I'm only a soph. but am I hot?...not really, I'm 6'4", 190 lbs. and I always have this kind of goofy look on my face...it's all good though, I don't care too much, at least if people are laughing with me and not at me, which happens most of the time...
  12. Raiders Sign CB Ray Buchanan

    Big Ted + Warren Sapp = Sweet run defense... ...and thank you, I do plan on majoring in math! (jk)
  13. Why I think the Red Sox will beat the Yanks this year..

    Both teams are good...they are as good as each other and if the game goes on long enough, Bud Selig will call a tie!
  14. Girl wins slam dunk Mcdonalds AllAMericanl

    are you suprised?
  15. Girl wins slam dunk Mcdonalds AllAMericanl

    she goes to a high school that is close to mine...I've seen her play a real game and she put up about 40 points...whoa...it's sad that she's as tall as I am and she can dunk...I can't...excuse me while I go do calf raises for about an hour...