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  1. avalon this weeeknd

    so i hadda blast at avalon seeing corsten then last week seeing cox. the place had a great vibe and was very lax. i went last night to see tall paul and it was a completley different story. i couldnt walk across the place without bouncers all over me with flashlights i guess checking for drugs. my friend, who is 21, was let in without his id checked consequently not getting a wristband (wich wasnt a problem before so we thought noting of it) and not being able to drink. the exact same thing happened to another of age guy we talked to. wen he did finally get a drink the bouncers were even searching for people with cups and no wristbands instead of just the bartenders cracking down. i noticed alotta people were annoyed with this also. was it like this on fri for lisa lashes too? u guys think this is all cuz of black last week?