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  1. attn: Millie19

    Haha, that was beautiful! Rofl! Just returned to the board after days, got exams to revise for at the mo, hence my disappearance. Am scrolling thru' messages in reverse date order... see if anyone truly wants to see my nekked pics! Haha! Yes, I'm a girl! LOL
  2. Show your cock or STFU!

    Great responses from 3 or 4 guys, definitely BALLSY! I'd love to suck on every one of them.
  3. Show your cock or STFU!

    Mmmmm.... sounds good....
  4. Show your cock or STFU!

    I don't think us girls should let all the guys off the hook, just because Koky had enough courage to post his cock...
  5. Show your cock or STFU!

    Ah, okay. Nice excuse! I agree, if you're with someone, it's her property right now. But will check back with you! Can't wait...
  6. Show your cock or STFU!

    Koky, just viewed the link! Nuff respect to you! I'm so aroused, I might even post a pic of my tits now. Any chance of re-posting your sweet cock on this thread?
  7. Show your cock or STFU!

    Didn't you hear - show us your cock or STFU!
  8. Show your cock or STFU!

    Over my past week as a newbie on the messageboard, I've noticed a distinct lack of male faces & cocks, Victor Webster and Tired aside. This has been a real disappointment, and if this trend continues, gotta find a site more orientated to female satisfaction! So in this thread for a change: Show your cock or shut the fuck up (STFU)!
  9. ladies, if your.....

    I must say, quite an inventive thread! My vagina speaks volumes.
  10. Don't even bother...

    Nah, it's all good! You guys' signature pics are good enough
  11. Where do people view Clubplanet:Sex?

    Pointless thread, I know. But due to the content, the large amount of top-naked women on the messageboard, where do people view these pages? On your own/with mates in the office? At home in the privacy of your own bedroom? At college alone/with mates? Whole family sat in front of the computer screen? Does anyone ever ask girl users why they are scrolling through vast pictures of naked women?
  12. Embarrassing Girl Shaving Question

    Just the cheap ways I've tried!
  13. Dating question...

    Still waiting for yours, nmn...
  14. Dating question...

    High maintenance girl you got there! You say guys are cool not calling their girls for a few days, whereas girls need a bit of regular loving. It seems someone who's really interested and misses his girl enough will eventually get round to calling, if the girl just waits a bit. Guys do the phoning in dating. To see if this was true, I tried the tactic of waiting for his call, but he never phoned... Before you call me a sad case, I stood the test of time, and waited, and waited... in the end, I called, and I think he was actually relieved, and wanted me to call more often, because he had no phone credit and show my interest. Which goes to show, some guys are lazy bastards, and you have to just use your own good judgement sometimes. Now I just think, wait for a man to call you, and if the call never comes, time to check out other fish in the sea.