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  1. My girlfriend and I attended the New Year's Eve party at the Social Club and we were quite disappointed when we got there. First and most tragic, they ran out of champagne an hour before the ball dropped. We had to bring in the new year with a iced down rum & coke. Secondly, there were no snacks to be seen. In fact, the only people we saw eating food was the staff. Adding more to the list of stuff not provided is party favors, when the ball dropped the bartender that gave me the flimsy cocktail threw a hand full of confetti in my face and then looked at me as if she granted one of my frigg'n wishes. Last, they sold way to many tickets and were not prepared for the crowd. It took us 20 minutes just to get across the dance floor, then 40 minutes for the coat check and finally 30 minutes to get upstairs. On a special night like this, one should not have to wait more than 15 minutes for anything. We really feel that we got totally ripped off (they did not provide what was offered and what we paid for)