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  1. TO: LV Promoters, Curators Etc

    why dont you throw some ideas out there
  2. Give us the Memorial Weekend recap

    Ok, so was that not the best trip ever!! Well I myself see Las Vegas almost every other week, but I have never had a trip like this before!! WOW!! So Thursday night, we started at NYNY, did the daquiri bar, walked down to alladin, where I did very well with roulette, already buzzed by that time keep in mind. Watched a asian kareoke band attempt to be maroon 5 and black eyed peas, and then being as drunk as I was, told people it wasnt that long of a walk to Rio, in which everyone knows it is!! We got trashed a Bikinis, and then moved into a cab, in which all I did was discuss "what if's", if by chance we were on taxicab confessions!! Then we got to MGM grand and took 151 doubleshot jelloshots and hurricanes with tripleshots of everclear at Fat Tuesdays.....moving on to Tabu, the line, OH the Line, well, we didnt have to wait in it, and sorry to all of those who had to, Tabu was a fun night in general from what I can remember. Friday Night was spent at Ra...watching Terri mullens, sorry if this is misspelled!! Awesome show danced until mostly everyone was gone, then I took to the roulette wheel until they almost kicked me out for using foul language, must of been a lil hammered....oops!! Awwww....Saturday. Armin Van Buuren, what can I say, one of the best shows I have ever seen at ICE!! Didnt get to see Rubber or Summer of Love, but who cares, Pimps and Hos ball is coming and WHO WOULD MISS THE AVN awards haha!!! See you all in the circuit once again soon!! I love these smiley faces!! haha
  3. Also, any suggestions as to which club you would like to see them play would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. After Hours in Vegas

    If you got a bachelor party and you are looking for afterhours, hit up chez moi strip club from 4am-1pm Friday and Saturday. Good music, and lap dances all morning long. Everything else is overrated and half the fun
  5. Summer of Love / Club Rubber Moved

    agreed!! I was just messin around, both events are going to be HUUUGE!! I am just upset as I expected to go to both shows and now cannot go to Summer of Love as we leave on Sunday..
  6. Summer of Love / Club Rubber Moved

  7. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend?!?!

    I believe the total cost is $325 and that includes a bottle with mixers...If ANYONE is interested, please contact me
  8. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend?!?!

    Anyone INTERESTED in going in on a VIP table at ICE on Saturday evening, please contact me....this is for the Armin Van Buuren/Frank Richards Show on May 29th. We are looking for girls or guys to share the cost of the table with us for that night, so if you are looking to party that night and you are interested, please contact me via private message.
  9. Hardrock Pool Cabana

    Hey me and some friends are going to be there the 27th-30th, if anyone is willing to share a pool cabana, we are interested. Also, we may be able to hook you up as well, as we also get to enjoy other luxuries in which most tourists dont get to enjoy when in Las Vegas.
  10. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend?!?!

  11. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend?!?!

    Ok ok, I already posted on the ICE POST, but Ill leave it hear too, Godskitchen throwing an awesome show on the 29th. Armin Van Buuren - State of Trance 2004 I know Rubber is gonna be the same night but hey why not do both shows, Im telling you, this guy is awesome, you all will have a great time at this event. plus $75-$110 bucks is alot to drop in one night on one party, eh, its your call
  12. ICE | Las Vegas

    So I had to drop another Post here as well, Godskitchen is going to be throwing an awesome show Memorial Day Weekend!! Armin Van Buuren If you have not heard his State of Trance 2004 for CD, you better get back to the beginning of this site and take a listen!! This guy is truly something else and I am very excited to see him on the 29th at ICE in Las Vegas. If you all get the chance, come check out Chez Moi any Firday or Saturday Night from 4am-1pm as it provides you with some of the best dance music that this place has to offer, still in its beginning stages but definitely packed around 7am. Beginning in July, there will be a headliner every other week, something for all of you 24 hour party people to check out. =)
  13. ICE | Las Vegas

    Im going to have to agree with K10, ICE is a tight venue, and with people like Spundae and Godskitchen droppin events there, you know the parties are only going to get better. Your right it is the music and the people that make the vibe, but its the clubs that give you a place to party, a place to meet new people. Clubs are a business NO MONEY = NO BUSINESS = NO phatty shows in Las Vegas!! Support the the nightclub industry whether your a novice or some of us that have been in this business for a long time. The reason we go out is to have a good time, the reason some of us devote our lifes to this business, is because we love showing people a good time.
  14. Mark Farina April 24th at ICE

    Haha, yeah no problem, a couple of my friends say that HOUSE is dead out in Vegas, so I figured Id go back, go Waaaaay back so everyone knows who Mark is, because I'm sure its gonna be a very good show, the only show to top PVD next week. Anyways, I'll be there. Lists, As far as I know, there probably will be, but dont know as to whom you should be in contact with. HOB and Spundae I would assume as they work the door for this particular event. If anyone needs anymore information, or just wants to party that night, let me know, Im game for a good time while I am out there.