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  1. 2 new awesome Luke Fair sets to enjoy

    stop crapfl00ding the forums ante
  2. Is this true, or not? !!!!

    Sadly, ****** and slick know little about computers. McCafee classified this as a virus, but it is not, it does not duplicate and thread. All it does is exploit your java or flash to make the windows keep poping up and the sound keep playing. Slick, ******, hope you learned a few lessons today. #1 - Just because a virus scan notices it, doesnt mean its a virus #2 - You learned what an exploit is
  3. Ugggh, so i see detroit is still posting

    The Internet is public property. No establishment has a right to own it, subvert it, subject it, or rule over it. It extends beyond race, nationality, religion, or geopolitical agreement. Now that we understand that the Internet is a single deterministic machine, we may approach this situation with logic and reason as opposed to knee-jerk reactionary idiocy. When connected to the Internet, your computer becomes a part of this deterministic machine. It is impossible for your computer to execute any code which it has not been programmed to execute. If your computer has been programmed to accept my arbitrary code, then there is no moral or ethical violation committed when I introduce my code to yours. If you download and execute my code, you have done so willingly. > If your daemon executes my code after I introduce it in a manner that is innovative and unique, then your daemon has done exactly what it has been programmed to do. You don\'t want me to execute my code inside your code? Then keep your machine out of OUR deterministic state machine. Keep it on your own private network, so that someone will have to commit a real honest-to-God crime like breaking and entering to have access to it. The minute you connect it to a public network, it becomes connected to all of us through the 0 and 1.
  4. sweetnsexy05

    ahahahah this is like ante part two. Next thing you know montbh is going to be im\'ing me to hang out.
  5. Ugggh, so i see detroit is still posting

    ummmm, where did \"i\" admit anything? oh god your not one of those internet police are you, ive heard about them. Are you saving a transcript of this for your lawyer? douchebag....
  6. Ugggh, so i see detroit is still posting

    the only thing that is obvious is that i dont belong on a board with so many intellectuals. jesus christ
  7. Is this true, or not? !!!!

    JESUS, are you two the braintrust? Not only were the two of you dumb enough to click on the link, but then you cant really comprehend that 9mile is banned........
  8. Ugggh, so i see detroit is still posting

    Umm, the link was funny, and the trojan was harmless, it was a java/flash exploit thats all.......9mile is banned, but would say the same thing if he could.
  9. 22 freakin stickys

    see, you tried to be your corny self, and someone who works for CP (and not pretends to like you) came out and said basically that they were sorry.
  10. Is this true, or not? !!!!

    The homo\'s have spoken!
  11. sweetnsexy05

    are you angry that i am here slicky poo?
  12. sweetnsexy05

    And? Notice how he\'s laughing about it. If you are dumb enough to click on a random link then you deserve the consequences
  13. OMG is this real? - SFW

    Was it raincry or was it Diabolique?
  14. sweetnsexy05

    It is just DISGUSTING that 9mile would post links like that, just DISGUSTING!