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  1. jonathan peters = drugs

    i dont use drugs ok, but i agree its tired already leave it alone
  2. *Richard Grant*~~~>

    so leave jp alone
  3. *Richard Grant*~~~>

    jp does not promote drugs,the crowd has no one 2 blame but them selves
  4. *Richard Grant*~~~>

    i bet u u people are mad that jp is still dj's cause he still draws a crowd, and ur sorry dj cant do nothin because jp is still aroundits a shame isntjp is that good
  5. *Richard Grant*~~~>

    dont blame jp, dont blame richard either,blame the people who ruined it for every one else
  6. jonathan peters = drugs

    what r u talkin about
  7. jonathan peters = drugs

    not true i go but i dont do drugs neither does my or a few of my freinds. but i do know people who do drugs. but thats theur problem, i think that theses people mess it up for everyone, but what im tired of people puttin the blame on him, when all hes doin is playin music. what he does is his buiness,not ours. Who r we 2 judge
  8. just because u think jp isnt a REAL dj and is a junkie, how do we know that ur not a junkie,what u havent got caught. you dont like jp dont go 2 black. and stop talkin about him.cause so far thats all u r talkin about