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  1. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    ok well then send one of your 18 promoters up there tough guy. Theres alot of people up in the area who dont feel like traveling to the city and driveing home drunk so its good for a local spot. Plus theres really no where else to go. Its been promoted on 2 radio stations up here which has helped bring in that many heads. Its really not brain surgury guy, if u know the game and you have money to back up your mouth youd see theres a great business opertunity up here. Hahahaha so if you still smell bullshit then whipe your ass, its as simple as that.
  2. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    well there was over 200 people there who paid it, so thanks for the luck, it worked!!
  3. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    honestly i dont really care who he is or what he's done. Thats great if he puts on good parties for you guys and u have a great time, thats what its about. But for someone who seems to be well known and respected in the business his style is weak!! Im not tryin to get into any drama on this board cause im new and all. I know this guys been around for awhile with about 8,000 posts. But im not gonna just sit back while he keeps breaking my balls for no reason.
  4. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    huh well ya sure present yourself as big time club promoter. If you know so much about the biz and how hard it is to put things together. Then why would u be hateing on other people who are tryin to get shit goin in there area??? Its not about how much more u payed for your Armani shirt then what i did, or even how much coke u did in the VIP room. JUst remember at the end of the night your just a party promoter/party thrower. Your not a movie star, not a professional sports player. Once you leave the club at 6am your just another average guy that no one gives a fuck about.
  5. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    thanks for the positive response from everyone. Im tryin to get back to each and everyone of you. To many emails not enough time. But by tonight i should be all caught up. See everyone on sat.
  6. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    it doesnt matter of which artist is new or old, its a matter of gettin people together to have a good time. But im sure u have no experience with puttin parties together. Oh and passing out flyers and gettin a comp. doesnt quite qualify. I know ur type, been in the biz for the past 10 years. If u did put any events together u wouldnt be dissin others who are tryin to put a party together for people. I just put up a post to spread the word to who ever wants to check it out. If shits pumpin down ur way then what u worried about whats goin on else where??? Stay in ur area kid, worry bout urself.
  7. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    Hey man u dress how u like, its not a fuckin fashion show, so keep ur attitude in Fort Lee, aight kid. Past couple weeks theres been 200+ there and we're just expanding the promotional area. We had Lumadee up there a couple weeks back and planning some more concert type events for this summer. Plus u can get a room at the hotel if ya dont feel like driveing home. Your post doesnt surprise me cause theres always an asshole that has to make a negative comment. If this doesnt apeal to you then, well..... stay the fuck home.
  8. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    as of 2 weeks ago it was 15$ , ill look into it again and repost this afternoon. But figure 10-15$ on the list. Email or aim me for guestlist or any questions, ill reply back to everyone. Oh and guest list name is Flektone's list [email protected] (aim) allmixedup357
  9. Attn. North Jersey Party People!!!!!!

    Its 18 to enter 21 to drink. There not to uptight about dress code, saw heads in there with jeans and a T, and some with a nice button down, whatever ur style maybe. Oh and NO HATS!!!
  10. This saturday March 27th and every saturday after that check out the new party spot at the old Season's now Legends Resort and country club in Vernon New Jersey. Just a mile past Mountain Creek ski area. Party at the old "Playboy Club" spot (ask ur parents it was big in the 70's.) Weekly guest djs spining Commercial House and Hip Hop. 2 full bars, dance floor and stage area, as well as lounge couches. Check out www.makinithapin.com for full details. Only $15 to enter on the guest list. For guest list email me at [email protected] leave first name, last inital. Or u can try and hit me up on (aim) allmixedup357.