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  1. Just wanted to let you know that there will be dinner tickets and non-dinner tickets available at the door. Everyone seems psyched to celebrate the election results or even just another day in NYC... but it looks like it will be cool and we hope you can stop by. Date: Thursday, November 6th Time: 6pm – 10pm Location: JEOLLADO 116 East 4th St. (between 1st and 2nd Avenues) Manhattan (NYC), N.Y. 10003 212-260-7696 Style: Comfortable Casual Admission: $30 with dinner $10 without Deluxe Sushi Platter + Appetizer * + Fruit Deluxe Sashimi Platter + Appetizer * + Fruit Three House Rolls Platter + Appetizer * + Fruit * Appetizer - choice of: shumai, goyza , beef negimaki , or tempura You may also add to your dinner from the ala cart menu at a minor expense. Drink specials all night! Sake bomb special $5 for 1 beer & 1 shot of sake. Small Sake $3 and Large Saki $6 Kirin Ichiban $4 Brooklyn Lager $4 Sam Adams $4 Good Selection of Premium Japanese Saki! Immerse yourself in the amazing party room or hang out for conversation in the spacious restaurant Groovy house and minimal techno with DJ’s Kamal Nibul and Mic Rage for your dancing pleasure.
  2. This will likely be all over Club Planet in a week or so...but anyway... The International DJ Guild has been working a lot with Kostume Kult over the past year and there is a really sick 2 day party going down in Montauk at the Montauk Yacht Club from 4pm on Friday 3/9 until Sunday morning the 3/11. They are running 5 stages. The list of DJ's is a long as my arm and includes the friggin San Francisco Glitch Mob's OooAh and Kraddy, DJ Manny from Austin, DJ Foxxy, Shakey and way too many others to try to list. Now, get this... The band line up includes Science vs. Nature, Cesium 137, Matrix, Infidels, Sea Monster, Monica's Kneepads, Haale, the Creamsicles, Crutch Lovely and Graveyard School. To make it extra sick the party is a 'make fun of the rich and famous' themed costume event with a nautical twist. I was thinking of going as a dead russian sub sailor or maybe just kelp. Here's the website: www.burningbeachball.com You can get tickets at wantickets.com. Now, if that weren't enough they are running RT party bus transportation for the event and free shuttles between hotels.
  3. When it comes to actual fucking...

    Guys are mostly visually oriented. There are quality issues that are mostly out of a woman's control: 1) how much texture do her vaginal walls have 2) how nice do her pussy lips look while you are fucking 3) how nice does she look while you are fucking If she gets a high score on all of these, then you don't even have to concentrate to cum...you have to concentrate not to cum to fast. PS- I love nice pussy lips
  4. Goa Trance

    What clubs in the NY Metro area spin the most psychedelic trance grooves? What about places for Bhangra?
  5. I'll be in Amsterdam mid-May for vacation and to promo my CD. I'd like to do a few guest spots while there at clubs or bars. Please email me a few leads. CD is available free for now on the website (download and burn). http://www.micrage.com
  6. You can also download my full CD here

    printable cover art has tracklist http://www.micrage.com/images/groovequota.jpg 1) Dawn of Something 2) Groovetime 3) Love Machine 4) Carnival in Hell 5) Spy Movie 6) Parkway 7) Fire Walk 8) Watching The Rain
  7. http://www.micrage.com/downloads.html
  8. Posting a remix 'Stand Up'

    My remix of Stand Up by Ludacris http://www.micrage.com/remix/stand%20up%20(remix).mp3 Download it. Burn It. Play It. Just give DJ Mic Rage a shout out when you play it.
  9. I'm trying to find an MP3 file of a rare David Bowie song, 'My Death Waits'. It is actually a cover song and was on the Santa Monica bootleg (Ziggy period) and a Japanese import, RareOneBowie. If you have the MP3, email it to [email protected] Thanks, Rage