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  1. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    Started in 99 and SF did it for me(scene and music-wise). Only got to the tunnel once(awesome time as I remember) b/c it always seemed to be shut down. Still remember stepping out to the rising sun after a long night at SF, nice! Had a few rave filled years in Michigan while going to MSU. Been a lot tamer since 03. Still get out every once in a while, but you are right...it is just not the same.
  2. Carl Cox set time for Pacha (anyone) ??

    Went to a Cox event in Philly and he didn't come on until after 2am. I wouldn't get there early and expect him on before 1am. He is only on time for major events like WMC, or similar where there are multiple djs to go on for a short and specific time period(like an hour or 2).
  3. Ticket(s) to Tiesto @ Borgata???? oct 26th

    Mmore power to you. I've just been to see too many top tier djs that end up being a sardine fest. I need room to move to enjoy my time out. The exeption is Armin Van Buuren. His outdoor events in NY are excellent, and clearly a top tier dj. But for the Tiestos and PVDs of the world, I will pass.
  4. Ticket(s) to Tiesto @ Borgata???? oct 26th

    I was offered tickets to go to this event and turned them down only knowing it was going to be Tiesto at Borgata. Going to be typical Tiesto event: Overcrowded, overhyped, overpriced, terrible crowd, and a worthless night overall. Sorry for raining on your parade, but this is the type of event I do my best to stay away from, and so should you.
  5. How much do barbacks make?

    Very true. I barbacked for Fridays during busy friday or saturday nights and I would make a little over 100 per night. It's not terrible. And once the crowd dies down, you are the first to be cut.
  6. Question about PVD at central park

    They pack people in like sardines to this event. Bleachers opposite the stage, as posted previously. Definitely do not bring chairs with you. Heineken sponsored this a few years ago and I am not sure about hard liquor. If they opened up the area in front of the stage this would be a great event. But, the size they have there is just too small for all of PVD's fans in NY. Not to mention people come from all over the world for this event. At least there are 2 days to choose from. Good luck in the mosh pit.
  7. New Mix For Download!

    Gary- Can't download, says you are over your download limit.
  8. ::June 30th:: Chus & Ceballs @ Studio Mezmor

    Thanks for the clarification. I know the last time I was at "crobar" was early 06 for Ferry.
  9. Pacha this weekend - Behrouz & VIBE

    Driving back from AC around midnight and heard Behrouz. Sounded good in my car. How was it there?
  10. ::June 30th:: Chus & Ceballs @ Studio Mezmor

    This club as Mezmor? I don't think you can call a time period less than 1 year an ERA. But C&C is still a great closing party.
  11. Ferry @ Cielo Reviews

    From this past sunday...anyone go? I wanted to but work got in the way.
  12. JP @ the WMC....

    Rock on!
  13. Most overplayed song of the conference?

    I heard By the Way, Red Hot Chili Peppers 3 times at Ultra alone... Minimal Asians, nothing like NY. No trannies either. Kind of odd now that I think of it. There were more "goth" kids than trannies.
  14. What parties are you going to?

    Thats what I'm doing...Both Ultra's Fri/Sat. Nikki Beach Thurs and before ultra on friday going to surfcomber. 1 more week. Lets fukin go!
  15. So it starts at 12noon and goes until 5am? Anyone been to this event in the past? Is Pearl the nighttime spot? When should I show up to see the top 1/3 of the lineup(Rivera/C&C/G&D/Jules/Glaude)? Any help would be appreciated.