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  1. Rave DJ to the bone yes but you guys seem to forget he played quite often @ LIMELIGHT, a club in NY for those who don't know, now you know!
  2. Technically - In a word...flawless. The scratching was on point, the beat matching was perfect, the gains were right. Arranging - The first song was dope, the second had a nasty bass line but from there until about 30 -35 you lost me, then you sucked me back in. I think you lost me due to my musical preference and I'm sure the prog man Alex will say I'm full of it. Did you use Live for the echo's on your scratches or is that still the Pioneer? Some of the (excuse the technical terms) effects, echoes, and other stuff really added a nice touch to the mix. Overall - This shit rocks yo! 8)
  3. Armand Van Helden @ Twilo Sep. 22

    +1 With the right system, spin spin sugar drops the nastiness...
  4. Man...tough weekend. Farina then Migs...
  5. He's a great hip hop DJ.
  6. What happens 1st?

    Coker will be HC until the end of the year. Culpepper will come together when the fins get Charles Rodgers, Jerry Porter, and their O-Line starts to gel. Therefore, CJ gets a new message board!
  7. Ramon, heard Z was off the chain...My sister said she met you on the way back. (Bibi)
  8. That wasn't me last year. I was The Who's!
  9. Can I bring my sleeping bag...or rent a corner.
  10. The official Dave Matthews Band Cool Junkie Roll Call!

    Awesome, Awesome show. I got there about 7:15, didn't waste time, got a pretty good lawn section and began drinking. Pat Greene (the opener) was pretty good. A little too country for me though...One of the songs started out by "I got in my El Camino"...LOL. Anyways from the start to the end, excellent show. Everyone said this has been his best show here in a long time. Last time I saw him was in 96...ten years later, he still fucking rocks it. The Drum solo....heaven, the new trumpet addition was sick. Till next time. 8)