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  1. I hope everyone takes the time out to come in and support this wonderful event. I will be there early to have dinner with Laura's sister, parents and a few of our closest friends. Please make a donation, Please come down and help make others dreams come true. She used to come every saturday with me while I used to host the party @ taste and met alot of people there....so it's nice. It will bring back alot of memories. God I miss her
  2. BTW I'm going to call you today and let you know if I need a table again, think I'm bringing a group for a bday party fun times, u know it!
  3. No more renditions of "Flash Dance" for you!!
  4. the new afterwork soundgarden party

    SG Happy Hour was so much fun. Got to catch up with alot of people I haven't seen out in awhile! Big things are happening for you Bon with this thing, good turn out and everyone I talked to was having a blast. Must say the penne vodka was on point! LOL. Bartenders took care of us by the bar on the right, tequila all around. You need to add Petron!!! I'll be back this Friday. All in all it's nice to hang out with familiar faces and just relax before heading out for the night. I'm making it my pregame ritual.
  5. What I did: Friday - Happy Hour @ SoundGarden then headed to Studio 4 Saturday - Recovered
  6. luv studio 4, love the podiums, love kosta!!!
  7. Riddler's Bday Thread!!!!!!

  8. Riddler's Bday Thread!!!!!!

    Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I'm sure alot of you will be out at one of his bday parties this weekend, most likely on Sunday for DJAIS!!! But Happy Birthday kiddo!!!! 21 all over again!!
  9. Kosta's Bday Last Nite @ CiRcA!!!

    Trust me lately i need to
  10. Kosta's Bday Last Nite @ CiRcA!!!

    Kosta I will email them to you if I didnt by now. I had a great time. I don't know why I was throwing ice into the crowd, must of been some aggression I needed to get out. It was a great dinner, thanks again for a good time out with good friends. Oh and I changed the name due to yes stalkers and just wanted to change it up see u all soon!
  11. Kosta's Bday Last Nite @ CiRcA!!!

    Haha sorry bout that Ronnie, I dont know how that ice cube fight started. I had quite a few tossed down my dress as well. I have to upload some pics of this nite!!!