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  1. advice please

    a: NMN has such a way with words.... b: flip that could be but i dont think so because he always tells me how good i look.... c: i think rude is more right than he knows - all the stories hes told me from his younger days were about getting wasted with friends.....
  2. advice please

    i've tried to bring it up a few times (no pun intended) that our sex life isn't what it used to be, along those lines, he agrees there's a problem and that it needs to be resolved but never wants to discuss it....
  3. advice please

    no nothing out of the ordinary thats stressful -work, etc. he does drink quite a bit but doesnt do drugs....
  4. advice please

    he's about 5 years older than me, refuses to go to a dr., the only possible reasons i can think of are high blood pressure and hell i dont know if i had an idea what the reasons were i might know how to help resolve it......
  5. advice please

    late 20's near chicago.....why does that matter?????????
  6. advice please

    so in your logic if i'm sleeping with another man, not my man, its ok cuz he cant perform???
  7. advice please

    you left out my part of the comment that says i wont cheat.....
  8. advice please

    yeah i thought of cialis or viagra but dam i'm a girl - how do i get that shit without a prescription? and you're right it will cause me to go elsewhere at some point, except i wont cheat and i dont wanna break up but i gotta have sex!!!!
  9. advice please

    i'm pretty sure my boyfriend has an erectile dysfunction problem. god i sound like a viagra ad. but seriously he can only get it up rarely and then not keep it up for long. he's old school and has a biggggggg male ego soooo whenever i try to talk to him about the "problem" he gets really really defensive. whereas in the meantime i'm getting seriously sexually frustrated!!!! i love him but dam the vibrator ain't gonna cut it forever know what i mean. any Serious suggestions greatly appreciated!