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  1. New Club "Tryst" @ The Wynn?

    It will be open on the 30th of December. There may be a preview the week before.
  2. Vegas Suites

    You can not BUY most of the over the top suites here. They are fpr players and invited guests. They are booked most days of the year with these people. Go for something smaller like an MGM suite. You can buy some of those...NOT the mansions, NOT the Pallazo's (Rio), etc...There are also no casino rates on them either. Small suites, maybe, but not the ones everyone else is talking about.
  3. New Year's Eve - Using VIP Hosts

    Hey, I think we all got the message! Contact MR.vip...blah blah blah... Now go BUY advertising space for your Company if you want to sell yourself!
  4. Tao Press Opening - Review.

    I was there this weekend. The place was HUGE and visually wonderful. BUT....I was not impressed with the music! I like sticking to ONE genre. If it's hip hop, dont mix it with G&R, etc... I HATE that. It seems like they just took the Body English formula. However, there is a house room. I did not find that until I was leaving. I mean in a club that big, who knew! There were celebrites all over. And get this.....Places to SIT if you dont have a table!!! BIG shocker in LV! Over all...I will be back. It is quite a scene!
  5. area 51

    Sorry, I am a native and I have never been. They used do tours there. Not sure if they still do. Sorry, not much help?!?!?
  6. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

    Should learn how to spell, too.
  7. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

    Oh, sorry...I did not know that this was his own personal website to hock his "parties".
  8. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

    Maybe a PM would have been more appropriate???
  9. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

  10. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

    No...he used to work with me. There are a few clubs with pick-up, bar tabs, tables, entry... Treasures and Sapphire. Used to work with Cheetah's, but they dont have their license right now. No need to be in there drinking coca-cola, right?! I will PM you...
  11. Bachelor Party - May 13 & 14

    You should get a table at a club one night and go to a strip club another. Oh, and Gamble too. There are a couple of gentlemen's clubs that I work with. I can set up some packages for your group.
  12. Gambling Question

    For the most part...No The casino makes little money from sports books. You will be lucky to get a few drinks even if you sit there all day!
  13. Labor day assitance please

    You should be able to get on some lists and past the lines at a few spots, but still pay admission. Did you want to get bottle service anywhere?
  14. ice after hours

    I was there until 4 or so on Sat. It was still packed when I left. I soooo did not want to go, but my friends were weak that night.
  15. SKin

    Skin opens at about 9 and Ghost about 11. I could get you on the guest list. I am sending you a pm.