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  1. The Ultimate Personality Test

    this is the funniest April's Fool on a non April that i've ever seen! hehehehe. You can go further than 1000 questions and it goes on. Hello, why do you think it keeps asking about Deja vu? I'm sending it to all my friends
  2. New Booth (not boost) Phone for Djs

    He must've borrowed them from Silverballs!
  3. My Junior Review

    If you go hear JR, go really early now, when he's banging tribal/techy house, after that is all downhill. He's still stuck on those awful vocals like it's 1997. His parties nowadays seems like Classic parties all the time. He won't play anything new by anybody else. Please somebody BUY HIM SOME NEW RECORDS! He still turns it but if I hear Reap/YourChild/UnbreakmyHeart one more time, I'm gonna OK now, watch the house fags get in an uproar because somebody has a different opinion of JR and attack this post. Are you sharpening your nails Jason?? DC
  4. Micheal Moore Letter to Bush...

    SERVED!!!! DC
  5. Quentin Harris interview and More..

  6. check this out.....

    5 They Just Told Me This Is A Virus. Do Not Click On It Or Run Your Antivirus System. Not Cool Yo
  7. check this out.....

    Wow, that was freaky. If you click on any part of her body, she shakes. If you click on her and drag, she goes anywhere you want. Strange! DC
  8. Hell no, Jesus is a butch queen voguer. DC
  9. Djs walking OUT of the booth?!?!

    wow, this is retarded. Why don't they take it back to the jukebox days then? They won't need to spend all that money hiring talent at all. It's like going to see U2 and hoping they sit next to you with a remote control and playing pre-recorded sets of themselves. I say fuck the laptops and bring vinyl back. DC
  10. Avalon is Open Tonight!!!

    Class and Ass sounds like a success in the making! Do you have a whole department working on these brilliant ideas? DC
  11. Armand Van Helden said it best

    "You’re best ever club event and why? “I don’t know about my best but obviously a good night for me is go out, do my thing, if I do my gig and end up with two beautiful girls back at my hotel room I’m pretty happy, that would top off my night! In order to have it happen – you have to try to make it happen.â€" Wow this guy is a total douche bag. And he puts down people fucked up on drugs that it's not about that? So I guess it's really about ending up with two chicks in bed, I'm sure they sober as hell, right? AVH, no wonder he hasn't come up with anything good in years. Sad interview. DC
  12. I heard a man was found dead under her tits. He supposedly asphyxiated himself and died two weeks before he was found. DC
  13. Is Avalon Closing?!?!

    I couldn't agree with you more. I went for the reopening of Avalon and stayed there for 2 hours. That place makes you wanna All that fucking white rooms and walk through bathrooms and faux futuristic rooms. They raped the old Church out of its beauty. They made it look like a hospital for crackheads. I say, let it rest and reopen it looking like a church. Also, sandblast that facade, it looks disgusting when you walk by it during daytime. Thank God for the good memories. DC
  14. Star Wars!!!

    for your information, he'll be in the new Austin Powers 4. He'll be playing Mini-me's Mini-Me.