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  1. need some id help plz

    Blueberry crumble and double chocolate, please
  2. need some id help plz

    LOL, I've been on here for a long time, plus I'd be glad to give anyone who wanted to help out a link to my facebook profile.
  3. need some id help plz

    haha, maybe if you know someone.
  4. Hey what's up guys. I lost my id and was wondering if anyone knows of any places in the city that make good ny or nj id's. You can pm me with the place if you'd rather do that. I'd appreciate it a lot, I'm in a situation here lol. Thanks.
  5. Trying to decide between Roxy and Avalon, or anywhere else if I get any good input.
  6. Thursday Night in manhatten...

    If you don't want to just drink water you can just ask someone over 21 to buy your drink and wear a long sleeeved shirt so your wrist is covered.
  7. avalon on the 18th

    I'm pretty sure that Green Velvet will be there on the 18th.
  8. And I'm just wondering if any ID will work, or there's special stuff like watermarks or holograms on it to look for. I know they don't scan, so does any Jersey fake=no probs getting in if you know all the info on the card and follow dress codes?
  9. Liquids Fantasy @ Spirit, Fri 9/17

    I dunno...I think the bouncers have a point. A lot of clubs that are more laxed turn into sausagefests a little bit into the night and if you're single and chillin with other guys you don't really have anyone to dance with. There's a method to their madness...just get a couple more girls to come out with you.
  10. Crap I wanna go...it sounds like a sick night, but I dont have anyone to go with since I had a fight with my girl from NYC last week and I go to school upstate so it's hard to get people to come along lol. If anyone wants to meet up and chill on friday night send me a pm.
  11. I was at Avalon for pretty much the whole night and poked my head into the spider lounge for a couple of minutes around 5. Overall it was an ok night...only thing that sucked is that I ended up going out solo because I got into a big fight with my girl last night and she ended up not going with me.
  12. Thursday Night in manhatten...

    Your best bet would probably be Webster, even though it sucks.
  13. anyone here from manhattan college...

    Have fun man....the class is a bitch. I have a strong feeling it's going to cause some major cutbacks on how much I can go clubbing. I'm still gonna try to get down to the city and go out at least once a month though, hopefully.
  14. anyone here from manhattan college...

    Unfortunately they don't make cliff notes for organic chemistry .