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  1. Body & Soul

    Body & Soul one of the best parties i've ever been to. I will be attending this one. Only problem is not enough space to dance!!!
  2. Danny Tenaglia

    I really hope his classic party is like wmc 08 classic party.. He had me going all night til i got twisted!!
  3. Victor Calderone

  4. DT Birthday party!!!! Good Times

    ah my knees hurt from dancing
  5. I have a serious hang over.. geeeez
  6. I don't think he's ever had a drink.. And if he decides on having a few shot with certain friends. He's going to be waisted.. Then the world can see the WAISTED BULL . lol
  7. PURE BEHROUZ NYC II @ CIELO | Thurs 11/9

    There also . see you on the floor bull
  8. Why did Chus and Ceballos.....

    LIke i stated in the other topic. to me c & C were playing for calderone not for themselves. So to me they were opening up for him. they started playing crazy hard.. something im not use to hearing them play. good party though
  9. Chus and Ceballos/Calderone Review

    I like C & C alone , not playing for somebody .. They got really really hard and i actually though calderone was on and it wasn't him.. Very different. C & C played for calderone, unlike ted patterson who played for himself. That's what they should of did. Otherwise great party , beats still had me dancing.
  10. Danny Tenaglia @ Pacha

    No way. What time did he play it . i didn't get there til 430.
  11. Danny Tenaglia @ Pacha

    danny was great.. he had me there til 3pm. First time closing a danny party.. lol I just wished he would of played elements..
  12. Great night.. Mad love tedd.. I kept questioning everybody is this tedd playing.. I just couldn't believe it i had a great weekend because of this guy And me dancing to danny til 3 in the afternoon
  13. Danny T rumor? confirmed!!!

    tedd then danny T. Going to be a long night
  14. Damn the video of me dancing is way to dark man. I'm soo worn out from the whole week . i need rest. sigh.. great party , can't wait for the next one