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  1. fashion models vs. playmates

    personally I like curvy. cant stand those skinny lil things that look like a good sneeze might blow them off their feet
  2. Attn: CP

    I dont think we really wanna know...
  3. I wanno do this girl so bad

    omg thats fuckin hilarious you know her friends set her up for that. if she has any most likely, she was the one that kept sayin how great she was and her friends decided to get her to stfu by convincing her to try for american idol cuz they knew she'd be shot down. once the bit about the voices came out though, she should have said "you're just jealous cuz the voices talk to ME"
  4. Bored..so here are some movies

  5. ::::WARNING:::::: ONLY open if u are not eating

    well, no piss anyways, at least until the wound heals
  6. I have 4 nipples.

    lol 65 farenheit is only 18 celsius... come up here to Canada sometime... right now, it's -18 celsius (about 0 farenheit) and with windchill it feels more like -35 C (-31 F) and you know what? I still havent pulled out my gloves yet this winter It's funny, I went to Florida for a summer, and it was actually a bit cooler than summer up here... just a lot more humid.
  7. Loose Vagina? This is crazy!

    funniest thing I heard all day (but the day is young) should introduce you to Bull. He finally got drunk enough one day to join the game of strip poker, and that was the day he earned his nickname. Bull hamster, as in hung like a. Last I heard he was still single (6 years running).
  8. Question Ladies ???? Age Range

    Funny choice of words
  9. brothers lose virginity for xmas

    “After doing it, I think sex may be overrated,†Robby says. “I mean, for me anyway, it just hurt a lot. Tex seemed to enjoy himself though, so I guess it’s different for everyone.†OMFG hahahah guess we know who was pitchin and who was catchin
  10. who is this~!?

    friend of mine went down south (Texas) and was always saying how completely useless the girls down there are. But then, I'm from Canada Maybe things are a bit different here than down in the states. you know, what with havin to rebuild our igloos every winter
  11. What Matters More?

    dgmodel that's awesome anyways, personality matters most. I'd rather have a decent looking chick with a good personality than a super hot chick with an awful personality. btw, smokesum... is that batman trying to beat off a shark in ur sig? (Oh god that sounded bad) One last thing for y'all to remember... Arguing online is like competing in the special olympics. You might win, but you're still retarded.
  12. who is this~!?

    hahahah me mum has hands like that. it's not so much man hands, but hands of someone that actually does some real work. Personally, i kinda like it goes with that whole thing about liking strong women, rather than the stereotypical 'southern belle' type that cant do a damn thing for themselves. I mean really, when you meet one of those helpless lil ditzes, can YOU take them seriously? cuz i sure as hell cant.
  13. Need some help

    If you really wanna sell your soul I think I can find a buyer that will give you a much better deal than the devil. And as an added bonus, it'll earn me some brownie points with my Dark Gods Of course, you may want to lease your soul instead... that way you dont have to worry so much about that eternal damnation thing... just a thought.
  14. Soft vs. Hard

    It's good if they got some strength to them, so they arent frail lil things you worry about breaking, but they gotta be at least a little feminine too, soft to the touch. Ideally, someone well muscled without being out of proportion, and having a reasonable amount of body fat to make them look rounded and soft (but not flabby) rather than hard and chiseled.
  15. Girls who always stand with their arms folded = Insecurity?

    lol I bet all y'all never drank with a newfie before. Imagine someone living so far north that every season but winter is maybe a month long each, and the rest of the year is spent in 6 feet or more of snow... I've seen some of Newfoundland and Labrador, and there isnt much to do besides drink. Anyways, thats where one of my drinking buddies comes from... I have seen him drink $300 of booze (from the liquor store, not the bar) in a single night and not so much as slur his words. i think it was the 4th hundred dollars of booze that did the job though... even saw him stagger once (first time in the 3 years we been drinking together) That, and if you ever got hold of some Newfie screech, your breath would be able to strip paint. Last time I drank that stuff, i woke up 2 days later.