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  1. Garnett trade done finally

    The Celts just became relevant again!
  2. Gange

    How sweet it is!
  3. R.I.P. Mr. Butch

    R.I.P- Mr. Butch
  4. I say he goes 5 2/3's innings today.
  5. best video of a baseball manager...EVER...

    That is priceless,the hand grenade toss!!! That is some funny ass shit.
  6. this or that..

    Belmont More annoying Tim McCarver or Joe Morgan
  7. Clemens returning to the Yanks!

    I'ts still early in the season,and the Sox are hot right now and the Yanks suck right now. I'm not starting the ball busting about how the Yanks suck at this point in the season. We all know there is plenty of baseball left. Just say hypothetically,the Yanks don't turn it around and they win 80-85 games. Does Clemens become a scapegoat,for the money he is making and not turning things around? Or does the blame fall on Cashman,Torre and the injuries?
  8. Clemens returning to the Yanks!

    True, Fkornre! You damn jews!
  9. Clemens returning to the Yanks!

    I love the fact that people think he is the second coming of Christ. Now the bullpen doesn't have to worry. He just solved all their problems.
  10. this or that..

    Sabres in 6 35 plus td passes or 4500 plus yards for Brady this season
  11. this or that..

    Orange Juice Worst season for 2007 Chargers or Colts
  12. this or that..

    2 months of African Handball Ed Reed or Roy Williams
  13. NFL Draft

    It looked like the Raiders just wanted him gone.
  14. Schillings "bloody" redsock

    Who gives a rat's ass! Even though I think Schilling is a dozzle!
  15. this or that..

    Closer fo Cy Young More disapointing Carl Pavano or Matt Clemente