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  1. Madonna - tomorrow... I'll be backstage :)

    i am soooo jealous. i think everybody wants to see that show live now. i saw a rehearsal for it out in lost angeles and it was freaky leaky. anybody know about david longoria & cece peniston in Miami the middle of august? i heard it was a club show but don't have info. anybody know anything???? junior vasquez mix of deeper love is the deeper bomb. fan me.
  2. the David longoria & Cece peniston trak that junior plays, does Peter have a retro mix of it? somebody told me he does but I listen to peter and i haven't heard it. whatup? are david & cece coming out here for a show??/ anybody heard?
  3. David Longoria & Cece Peniston

    i looove that trumpet. cece has always been off da hook with the Finally it happened to me... and this song is bringin her to the next millennium. i'm so glad to hear her singing again and she looks good on the tv shows. hurry up and bring that deeper love to the east coast where all the peeps are.