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  1. Butterfly Boucher isn't too well known, but when I found out she was opening for Sarah McLachlan I gave her a listen to hear what she had to offer to get such an honor. Butterfly is absolutely great...she not only sings, but she writes her songs, and plays her own instruments. Her sound and style is unique, refreshing, and spunky. She'll be giving a (free) live acoustic peformance on Sun. 8/22 at Spot Coffee: 765 Elmwood Rd. You definitely have to give her a listen...she's talented and the show is free!
  2. check this out- Butterfly Boucher is giving a free acoustic performance this wednesday (aug. 11), which should be cool. acoustic is always awesome. anyway, my friend who interns at Universal found out that she is giving a bunch of random performances while she is on tour with Sarah McLachlan. if you're interested, it's at the RIAA headquarters (1330 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 300, Wash DC)- i can't make it, but let me know how it is if u go-
  3. acoustic performance this saturday

    so Butterfly Boucher is gonna put on a good, free show outside of Tower Records tomorrow (sat, july 31st) that is going to be really cool. My friend who interns at Universal told me that while she tours with Sarah McLachlan, she is giving free acoustic shows along the way. Check her out if you’re interested- the show is at 12:30pm at 610 South Street in Philadelphia. it'll be a good time for sure.