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  1. Armand Van Helden

    Armand looks kind of like Ali G too! I've enjoyed his tracks and sense of humor before, and his latest album seems like it has an electro-ish influence or something.
  2. Sure, exceptions that prove the rule. And I think it's ironically humorous how SCIENCE is one of these words. Ah, good ol' Thomas Dolby.
  3. Religion is Division

    People are always going to have different beliefs. It's what makes us unique individuals, as opposed to clonetroopers . As long as things are kept safe, sane, consensual and some other person isn't trying to force his/her beliefs on me, I'm generally fine with it.
  4. 1 song you could listen to over and over...

    Bt - P A R I S
  5. Wifebeaters

    Yeah I'm curious, what's the story behind them being called wifebeaters? Abusive husbands wear them on COPS?
  6. Unacceptable Language

    Haha, no use for equivocation I see. This reminds me of that funny skit, The History of the F Word...
  7. guys: what pitch do you like your lady's voice to be?

    I like a diverse variety of voices -- I'd have to look at the context and the whole package, the whole unique individual lady it's coming from. I do have a thing for growly, smoky kind of voices though.