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  1. The only Vegas review that matters (to me)!

    Hi I am going to Vegas for Labor Day and haven't been there in about 3 yrs, just wanted to ask what is the average price of cover? and did you put your name on this clubplanet guestlist? and did it work? Did you check out that Voodoo lounge at Rio? ok enough questions! thx V
  2. How is Harry's Velvet Room?

    sorry I didnt realize iceberg advised you of metromix.com! its a great website and if you dont go ot Harrys, there are tons of places in chicago you can check out! look on metromix! V
  3. How is Harry's Velvet Room?

    Hi Harrys is a nice place, one side is a lounge, great martini's!!! Its kind of dark, on the other side, thru this hallway is a small dance(its not big by the way), I dont know how old you are buy it seems to cater to a 25 and up crowd, thats my opinion. If you are looking to check out chicago, go to www.metromix.com and you can see the reviews other people have posted and they have dining info on there and events and basically everything you need to know. hope that helps! V
  4. Hi, my friend and I are visiting SoBe on Aug 12th, and were wondering where most people in their late 30's hang out at? Is it really hard to get into places? We have never been to Miami before, were from Chicago and have never been to Miami! We have heard Mangos, Prive, Mynt, SkyBar, BED, Delano's Rose Bar but we like hip hop, pop and R and B music so if anyone can let us know what places play that and what places play techno? Also what are some good sushi restaurants? what are some good cafe's? any other good restaurants, they dont have to be very fancy but as long as the food is good!!! Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!!! Hottlegs