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  1. Drinks on alex pearce!!!!!!!! Wohoo!!
  2. hey freakidara, why didn't you come up and say hi to me? I swear, I could smell your tasty odors from 5 miles away.
  3. I was one of them. He actually played two more records and then got off the decks. I saw him by coat check and said to him... nice set man. He just nodded and walked by.
  4. lol, for me it is mostly music. Pretty girls just add an extra ingredient to the party if you know what I mean. It's like popcorn with an extra butter. Look at silverbull for example. The kid always has some hot chicks dancing around him
  5. it is both bro. There is nothing better than good beats and hot women. You almost get an orgasmic feeling when you are surrounded by hot women getting down to the beats
  6. Sander k incorporates a lot of trance elements in his sets but he is not considered progressive trance dj. He is very versatile dj so it is really hard to label him. He's actually always been known as progressive house dj who plays some trance in his sets. If you listen to all of his comps nubreed, essential mix or that last one..it is mostly funky,progressive house with some trance tracks mixed in. I actually used to be a big fan of his when he played at arc. He always brought a good vibe to the party and lots of hot chicks would come out. I really enjoyed his sound at that time because it was fresh and funky.
  7. no thanks bro. I am not into trance.
  8. ouch!! I still feel the pain in my legs from saturday. where were all hot techno chicks? Oh I forgot, hot chicks don't like techno. Anyway, great party.
  9. I am bored to death at work because it's so dead. I am listening to James Zabiela essential mix 2004-02-22. Anybody else at work today?
  10. I just hope it does not get too crowded. It gets congested even on regular night so there is no room to dance. It is not big enough venue for such event. Everyone and their mother will be there.
  11. FAO luztidarrraaaa

    Who the hell is this lukecasey guy? This thread is so ghey.
  12. FAO luztidarrraaaa

    Iam straight bro.
  13. FAO luztidarrraaaa

    Love your new sig. Have you been banging tiago and freakadon lately? Anyway, Merry Jizmass you sexy freakazoid!!