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  1. Bachelorette Party Labor Day Weekend

    From what I understand, Bill is the man for that!! Let me know what you are looking for and I will see what I can do for you as well...
  2. Labor Day Weekend - Roll Call

    ICE has the nakeds Fire and Ice party Friday night, but the lineup isnt that appealing, they should have brought in some Miguel Migs, if they wanted to spice up Naked Recordings... As for Paul Oakenfold, if you have seen him once, hes awesome, not gonna lie, guess he has played AZ every 3-6 months for the past 3 years, so he is not that appealing, the better of the draw would be like a PVD, another set by Armin Van Buuren, or even Tiesto!! Like I said alot of the normal stuff happening in Vegas, suggested the SHURE Vinyl Kombat battle, because its something new and different, suggested the late night show with Jazzy Jeff and Beat Junkies, for all the hip hop crowds!! Vegas will definitely have something to offer everyone this Labor Day, am I right Bill?
  3. Labor Day Weekend - Roll Call

    Check out House of Blues Friday Sept 3rd!! SHURE presents: Vinyl Kombat Dj Battle Hosted by Dj Jazzy Jeff (ALL AGES) Feat. The World Famous Beat Junkies The newest Dj Battle hitting the national Dj Battle Circuit!! Also check out the late show (21 +) feat: Dj Jazzy Jeffw/Emcee Skills aka Madskillz Lord Finesse & Diamond D (N.I.T.C) Supernatural and The World Famous Beat Junkies Saturday September 4th at Orleans Pimps and Ho's Ball by SpiritWorld!! Lots going on every weekend in Vegas this labor day!! Check out these two parties, something new in Vegas and something old with a new twist every year haha!!
  4. ~ Labor Day Weekend ~

    Check out House of Blues on Sept 3rd!!! A great show that night, some hip hop, Dj Jazzy Jeff w/ Emcee Skillz aka Madskillz Lord Finesse & Diamond D. (N.I.T.C.) Supernatural and The World Famous Beat Junkies Send me a private message for more info
  5. Labor day weekend parties

    Ok!! Here it is for you 21+ crowd!! Late [email protected] of Blues inside Mandalay Bay Friday Sept. 3rd!!! Dj Jazzy Jeff w/ Emcee Skillz aka Madskillz Lord Finesse & Diamond D (N.I.T.C.) Supernatural and of course The World Famous Beat Junkies!! Come Check it out, for more info, visit www.Needlz.com or www.NUgROOVEWorldWide.com
  6. English Visitors 1st Sept

    Check out House of blues that night, there will be a pretty good hip hop show that night, feel free to send me a personal message I'll be out that weekend as well, HOB is a good place to be on Friday night the 3rd !! fly in early on the second... Rumjungle awesome spot for Thursday, i dont know, i could go there anytime, that place is awesome
  7. What is the crowd like at TABU @ The MGM?

    I just wanted to add that yes TABU is definitely a great way to start the night, but start downstairs at Fat Tuesdays for a couple of drinks before you head upstairs, the crowd is awesome at TABU, music is great, but definitely find a way around the line, lines are NEVER good in vegas, them doormen SURE love money haha, so spend a little, or find someone who can hook you up if you dont know anyone in vegas...
  8. Labor day weekend parties

    Hey Everyone!!! Ok!! If you are looking for something to do Labor Day weekend, I am not even gonna lie, TONS GOING on, but here is something else to check out!! Early [email protected] Of Blues Friday Sept. 3rd presented by SHURE Vinyl Kombat Finals Feat. The Beat Junkiez!! hosted by Dj Jazzy Jeff!!! This is an all ages event!! Definitely worth checking out!! Also that night, same spot, SHURE presents a hip hop party that is definitely something to keep you going all night!! Artists TBA Just another word from a friendly source in the biz!! Watch out for more from NUgROOVE in your area soon!! Feel free to check out our website at www.NUgROOVEWorldwide.com!! For more info on the Vinyl Kombat Finals, please visit www.Needlz.com