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  1. 30 somethings that LOVE to dance; but where?

    I'm going out a lot this this coming week/weekend, PM me and we'll talk! I love living in this town!
  2. 30 somethings that LOVE to dance; but where?

    You're kidding!!! :-)
  3. Roll call, Weekend of Oct. 1

    Oh, I will be all OVER it! :-)
  4. Warm up: 7 to midnight

    Hey :-) Just moved here a few weeks ago, and learning how to balance fun and a career. The clubs ROCK, that's for sure, but where is the action earlier in the evening?
  5. 30 somethings that LOVE to dance; but where?

    LOL We don't feel old at ALL!!! We have great fun! However, I do prefer dancing opposite a MAN, (as much as I love my girlfriends). So, the more mixed the crowd is, the more fun there is to be had. Also, I live in reality world...where, as cute as a 35 year old cutie-pie is........she just doesn't catch the eye like a 21 year old with almost no clothes. Don't get me wrong....I'm ok with that. I have NO regrets, have lived very fully, and wouldn't go back for the world, but hey, I'm not up for dancing with GIRLS for the rest of my life either!!!! Thanks for the feedback :-)
  6. We are new to Vegas, LOVE to dance away the stress of a long workweek, and my girlfriends and I are looking for a place with great dance mixes, (similar to Ra, that's our best time so far), but also has a good mix of ages. We went to Ice, (good music, but no one remotely our age), Light..(very dressy, more about shopping around than the fun and dancing), and Ra, (fun, some mix of ages, LLLOOOONNNNGGGG line, but really great dance mixes!). We were at Studio 54 on a Wednesday, and it was a good mix of ages, but the music didn't frequently propel us onto the floor, we ended up at the table most of the night people watching. Our idea of a good time is doing some shots, meeting fun people/(men) that also love to dance, and laughing/dancing our asses off all night long. Any recommendations?