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  1. Admission fees, club entry, etc. question

    I would presume he's referring to the confirmation e-mail.
  2. Admission fees, club entry, etc. question

    I've used the passes supplied by the Mirage and the Club Planet guestlist to get into Jet for free with only a little wait at like 10:00 with all guys. I would presume the passes would work later, but then the practical reality of Vegas clubs (i.e... you have to wait a while if you don't have a connection or several girls in the group) would kick in. I wouldn't take the chance of buying passes off e-Bay though. ETA: Also, many of those passes don't work for special event parties, so you need to be careful.
  3. HAlloween in VEGAS

    Is that on Halloween itself or the weekend before? Also, I haven't been able to find much info online about Moon & Playboy. They're not on the Palms main site. Is there a site for them?
  4. HAlloween in VEGAS

    Are there any updates on the parties for Saturday night, 10/28? I may be coming for the night from LA (4 guys, 1 girl) and would like go to a costume party in Vegas (as opposed to just a standard club night).
  5. Question about the clubplanet guestlists....

    Just to update this, we ended up gambling on Firday, but the clubplanet list worked just fine for Saturday at Jet where we got in right away lining up a little after 10 and got in right at 10:30 with only a short wait. Thanks again to everyone who tried to help.
  6. Question about the clubplanet guestlists....

    We're actually down to four guys, so I'm hoping it's not that big a deal.
  7. Question about the clubplanet guestlists....

    Thanks for the help. There are actually two of us who are clubplanet members, so we can hopefully do that.
  8. Question about the clubplanet guestlists....

    Will there be a short line at 9:30 though? My admittedly limited experience has been that when I've walked by hot clubs prior to the opening time, there was always a huge line at that point. One particular experience I had with Pure was that we showed up at 9:00 and there was already a line which took an hour to get in from. My question is still whether using this site's guestlists can help me avoid lines around the 9:30-10:30 time period.
  9. Question about the clubplanet guestlists....

    Is it really that bad? If it is, then what is the purpose of even having "guestlists" on the site, when they can't really help people? But I would certainly appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
  10. I'm coming to Vegas on June 23, 2006 for three nights with (unfortunately) an all male group of friends. I'm a realist and know that there's going to be no way short of paying a host (which I would do, but my friends are unwilling/too broke to do) that getting into a club like Tao or Tryst is going to happen. But I've seen the guestlists on the site and my question is will a group of all guys be able to get in to say Jet if they're on the list? There's no problem with being early, I just don't want to have to get in line at like 8 or 9 to get into a club without a huge wait. The reason I ask is that I've seen the disclaimer that says that being on the list does not guarantee entry. I understand the reality of Vegas clubs, but I'd really like to be able to avoid some lines at least. Any help would be appreciated.