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  1. Morillo was Horrible last night

    i like that he playes commercial stuff but im a girl lol and i dont c how he's good for afterhrs....when me and my girls go to hear him its for like 4-5 hrs and then its like he runs out of music or something.. and we leave...
  2. What do we all look like (Pics) post em!!

    lollllllllllllll thats the funniest post i ever read i think
  3. exactly..... when i wanna get cracked out and i dont look so good i would go to spirit.... this is why everyone says that crackheads chill in spirit and dont say this about ohter clubs.... even though in other clubs like Crobar ppl are also fuked up... but at least they look decent
  4. ye opinions change.. .i used to hate boris.... ever since he was in exit on sat nights... but then i hurd him this summer in diso... and i was sober.. and wow... was awsome... i really became his fan again.. .
  5. im sorry i used to love sf cuz of the shirtless guidos... and there are very few if any diesel guidos in spirit... not after they made the shirt stays on rule lol
  6. what do you mean why bother with spirit??? where will all the 14 yr olds and ugly ppl that like to be in dark places go?! lmfao
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  8. 2halloween2004

    Before Crobar halloween 04