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  1. Happy Birthday Ceeotter!!!

    happy birthday hunnie!!!!
  2. [email protected] reviews

    you went!! damn... lol.. what did u dress up as ?
  3. [email protected] reviews

    the room is huge and the sound system sucks... I had a blast.. was there from 2-9, and he played good at the begining, then some cheese then i didnt enjoy it... but aroun 8:30 it was better again... def toooo big of a space and i felt as tho i was in a crackhouse or my high school gym... all in all i hadda good night but the usic was not on point
  4. Spirit saturday pics

    http://www.directparties.com/pg/displayimage.php?album=36&pos=113 wow...
  5. disco OFF THE HOOK

  6. disco OFF THE HOOK

    i have read this is your past posts... there were a few rude ppl.. but you left pretty early.. they cleared out by like 830 9ish.. not completely but they decreased in numbers or just sat down convulsing
  7. disco OFF THE HOOK

    absolutley insane! and that line was siccckkkk and 50 to get in... crazy... good thing i got there early and got walked in comped... 5-10 CRAZYYYYYY ass time... i couldn't stop dancing even tho i was knocking ppl over and elbowing them in the head...
  8. Erick Morillo @ Disco Review......

    IN FUCKINGSANE .... awesome.. al il crowded but i expected it to be worse ... eric raped dirty filthy def one of the best sets ive heard in a while... i was def the ONLY completely sober person in the club and i can def say im glad i was.. but i def agree with the asian thing... and the crowd really wasnt on point .. but o well.. still a great time
  9. Junior is done at Disco

    hahahahaha, thats mean!
  10. Junior is done at Disco

    No more Junior Fridays!
  11. Strippers with real tits...

    like who?
  12. Mtv True Life - I'm A Tool

    49 blaine woulda been betttaaaaaaa.. dont you no bump it up you got to take a bump
  13. free porn clips - download before they're gone!

    thats hot.. but i did want some free porn damn it
  14. Craziest shit...

    amy a swimmy is the lil air filled thing that lil kids use to swim so they dont sink... and as for if girls can say it toooo... i once used a brush handle too and my massage head on the shower..and of course lil vibrating toys
  15. Craziest shit...

    my X bf was like that too scared to do it in front of me my bf in high school did it tho... that was hot... i love watchin a guy masterbate ,,, soooooo sexy i used to touch myself when he would do it so it was like free live porn