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  1. PERCEPTIONS Hosted by Dres and David Josephs Every Second and Fourth Monday of the Month starting at 3pm EST. Proton Radio WOW!! We wanted to thank all of you who tuned in this past Monday for Guy Gerber's guest mix - we had nearly 1000 listeners which Proton hasn't seen in some time and look to smash that number two fold with our next show. Again, what a great way to get your sounds out to a global audience, so we encourage locals to continue sending us their mixes for future consideration. What can we say about our upcoming show that wouldn't make us sound like kids in a candy store -- we are extremely pleased to have guests Omid, Demi and Desyn Masiello for our next show!! These three dynamo's have done so much in the industry - starting labels such as Alternate Route & Sexonwax -- cd compilations heralded across the globe - you name it, these guys have done it. Yes we are a bit early announcing this show but make sure to mark it down on your calendars - you won't want to miss it. More about Omid, Demi and Desyn: Omid: "I love music... how it can make our emotions flow; how it can change the way we think; the way we love; the way we express ourselves." Omid16B Omid16B lives for music. A true talent on the underground scene, cutting edge dance music is like oxygen for Omid Nourizadeh. A DJ, producer and label owner of Alola, Disclosure and Sexonwax Records, he's spreading his passion worldwide - from the UK to the USA, from Europe to Asia and Australia. More: Omid16B.com Demi: There was never a grand plan to ever make a career out of being a DJ. I was from a very young age musically inclined and thank my Mum for bashing on at me to play as many instruments as possible. I started playing the piano from the age of 7, learning to play more famous compositions before taking theory and practical, reaching Grade 5 level. By the time I went to University though, my desire to continue playing the piano diminished rapidly and this is one thing I do regret more than anything else and now am determined to put amends to that. In terms of electronic music, the rave scene and those early years, well everyone has their own story and mine really began in the summer of 1997 – my summer of love and yes on that island called Ibiza. More: /// DJ Demi / Biography Desyn Masiello: Desyn is one of the very few DJ’s in recent years that has stood out and caught the ear of some of the worlds largest DJs (with Deep Dish, Sander K and Danny Howells nominating him as their 'future DJ Hero' in DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll). With many established DJs and newcomer DJs leaning towards a particular style and musical range, many are pigeon holed into a 'genre' of music. Desyn, however, has managed to establish his own sound that crosses boundaries and proves difficult to categorize. More: :: DESYN MASIELLO ::
  2. Ferry Review

    how do you you think dj's like steve porter, desyn masiello, chris fortier, jonethan ojeda from spundae and countless others broke into the scene? they built reputations for being excellent openers who truly understood that you don't go to KILL it - you play tracks you love and that build a tension in the crowd so when the opener comes on it can erupt. openers aren't supposed to kill it, they are supposed to set the table -- it's dj's that haven't played out much who when they get a chance to finally play go to KILL it because god only knows when the next time they'll get to play out. but we'll agree to disagree on this...
  3. Ferry Review

    [quote name=tayama9 2. opening dj, kinda liked him, little house and a dash of trance at times, wasnt as bad as you are saying. thank you - i realize im not going to do it for everyone - especially when it's more of a trance dj i'm opening up for and im more a house/electro dj but of course i have range and tried to adapt. and...to add, i was the opener...openers aren't supposed to steal the headliners thunder - so i tried to keep it relatively level with the occasional peek - that's my philosophy on opening - build some tension and let the headliner be the star.
  4. STACEY PULLEN at CIELO MAY 1st!!!!!

    don't think i don't read this board brotha..lol. and it wasn't 40 people - at least.....73 or so pullen is SICK! this is a def on the calendar.
  5. need a UN inspection for all these bombs got loaded up... LOL...ok, horrible, terrible joke... ill stick to dj'in... see you guys and gals tonight. dj
  6. desyn masiello @ BED

    amen. des pulled out a set that had more range than a tiger woods tee shot - truely brilliant.
  7. PERCEPTIONS Hosted by Dres and David Josephs When: Every Second and Fourth Monday of the Month starting at 3pm EST. Where: www.protonradio.com As we continue forward this fall season we are pleased to announce a surprise mix done by none other than Scarlett Etienne (www.scarlettetienne.com). When Scarlett isn't rocking clubs like Pacha, Turnmills and Space she is playing everywhere in the world from China to Italy to Spain. Gaining notoriety from just about everyone and their mother, Scarlett hands over a stormer of a mix to Perceptions - electro, funk and just plain filth. Here's more about Scarlett: At only 23 years of age, Scarlett has acquired a unique and cultured appreciation of dance music. She continues to make her impact on the underground house scene at a global scale. Whilst not on the road, Scarlett can be found working diligently in the studio; finding expression through innovative new sounds. The fruit of Scarlett's production abilities can be seen in her recent collaboration with Paul Davis of the renowned 'Circulation' outfit. Scarlett's passion and musical skills (note: she is a classically trained musician!) have brought her to travel internationally as a DJ, and most importantly the opportunity to share her unique style with the world. The journey began in 2002 when she landed her first residency at New York City nightlife institution 'Sound Factory', followed by further residencies in the downtown underground-chic venue Sullivan Room, and a bi-coastal, bi-monthly gig at San Francisco's 'Mixed Elements' party. Her burgeoning talent and fast growing reputation soon ensured a monthly residency at the renowned Italian nightclub 'Alter-Ego'. Fast forward to 2003 and Scarlett was embarking on a Mediterranean tour where she had the honor of making her Ibiza debut at the legendary superclub 'Amnesia'. The past twelve months have seen Scarlett begin to develop her international profile to dizzying new heights, delighting clubbers and gaining new advocates wherever she has had the pleasure to touch down. Scarlett has played impressive debutant sets at seminal clubnights such as John Digweed's 'Bedrock', 'Godskitchen', & 'Avalon' in NYC, with a packed schedule planned for summer and a loaded record box….. Scarlett remains the one to watch in 2005! In the coming weeks we will continue forward with our DC-10 series, with mixes from Clive Henry, Cirillo and Lee Burridge. The future remains bright after our series ends, with guests mixes already confirmed from 16 bit lolitas, Doc Martin, Jason Hodges and Astro&Glyde. Next show: Clive Henry (Peace Division)
  8. Timeslots: Upstairs - David Josephs 6-7 Down Deep 7-8:30 Benke 8:30-10 Hector 10-12 Lance Jordan 12-1:30 Downstairs Stadenco 7:30-9 Pasha 9-10:30 Peter Anthony and Dave Hollands tag 10:30-2
  9. *PLEASE PASS THIS ONTO CO-WORKERS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC* The more people the merrier and better - we would love to send a nice big check to those who need it. Also - remember, we are collecting canned food and clothes to send down too!
  10. indeed we will - also having a raffle and getting some excellent prizes donated tomorrow for this! ill keep you posted!
  11. hmm...hector + other goodies we're working on to make this a very special event for a very good cause = and
  12. NA, Flawless Media Relations, Saw Recordings and East Side Productions present: A Hurricane Katrina Benefit, featuring HECTOR ROMERO! Hector will be spinning from 10 pm to 12 am, with some of NYC's most popular local DJs, including Brendan Benke, Stadenco, Down Deep, Peter Anthony, David Hollands, Pasha and many more Wednesday, September 14th 6 pm to 2 am $10 donation to AmeriCares OPEN VODKA BAR from 6 to 7 pm, sponsored by Pravda Vodka NA will be accepting clothing and non-perishable food donations throughout the night, and a raffle will be held, with gifts from Saw Recordings and Top DJ Gear. NA 246 W. 14th Street (between 7th and 8th Aves.) 212.645.0707 www.americares.org www.nanightclub.com www.flawlessmediarelations.com www.sawrecordings.com www.hectorromero.com www.minimalwage.com www.pravdavodka.com www.exit9.net www.topdjgear.com
  13. Peter Bailey

    hope to see some cp massive - and you know who you are!
  14. Who had a blast @ Le Souk On Sunday!?

    amen to that - le souk was rocking last night as it almost always does without fail - love the place. come check out ESP, Kaz and Brandie's new party on Wednesday's called Boogie Nights at Le Souk - another gem in the lineup at the venue. this week it's Pete Bones, gonna rock like 1899!